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  1. More on Social Security

    June 21, 2018 by admin


    Tell Congress:

    “The Trump tax scam has already begun hurting Social Security and Medicare. The recent Trustees Report states that it’s had a “significant net negative effect.” We demand that Congress reject the Trump tax scam “round 2” that Paul Ryan is planning to demand this summer. Instead of more tax breaks for the richest 1%, we demand Congress protect and expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”



    It’s been six months since Donald Trump signed his tax scam into law and the results are in.

    The new Social Security Trustees Report states that the tax law will have a “significant net negative effect” on Social Security’s finances over the next ten years. And since its passage, Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans have attempted to use their $1.9 trillion handout to the richest 1% and Big Business to justify devastating cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Together, we’ve been able to stop these dangerous cuts. Let’s stand together now to stop the Trump tax scam “round 2,” which Paul Ryan is promising to vote on this summer.

    Sign the petition demanding Congress reject the Trump tax scam “round 2.” Instead of more tax handouts to the richest 1%, let’s protect and expand critical programs for working families and older Americans.

    Undermining Social Security and giving tax handouts to the wealthy is what Trump and his Republican cronies have done in the lead-up to the midterm election, even knowing how unpopular these policies are with voters.

    If the GOP retains control of Congress this November, they will be emboldened. Imagine what will happen to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in 2019. We need to defeat the GOP and their billionaire donors now, before it’s too late.

    Stand with Social Security Works and our partners and demand Congress reject the tax scam “round 2” that Congressional Republicans will use as yet another excuse to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Together, we’re protecting our earned benefits from Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, and telling Washington politicians where the American people stand: Expand, don’t cut, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!

    Thank you,

    Michael Phelan
    Social Security Works

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    From co-founders Nancy Altman & Eric Kingson, this book makes the powerful case that Social Security isn’t going broke and how expanding it will help us all.

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  2. Donald Trump put on quite a show this afternoon

    June 21, 2018 by admin

    Donald Trump put on quite a show this afternoon. But the executive order on child detention that he signed — under nearly unbearable public pressure — won’t do anything to help the humanitarian crisis his administration is intentionally creating.

    Let’s be clear: Donald Trump’s executive order mandates the jailing of immigrant families seeking safety in the U.S. It does not save or release any children from prison.

    At best, it will ensure that children will be locked in family detention centers — essentially internment camps — with their parents, possibly indefinitely. And it does nothing to re-unite the many families that have already been torn apart.

    Trump is hoping that this bait-and-switch move will distract the public and kill the momentum building around stopping this administration’s cruel immigration detention policies. We need to prove him wrong.

    Democracy for America is joining with MoveOn, the ACLU and dozens of other progressive organizations to support hundreds of #FamiliesBelongTogether events. Will you stand up to Trump on immigration by taking to the streets on Saturday, June 30? Click here to find an event near Asheville.

    The Trump administration is trying to frame this executive action as a move of compassion. But there is absolutely nothing compassionate about keeping families caged up in detention camps — period, full stop.

    Until Donald Trump or Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen take action to revoke the “zero-tolerance policy” that is mandating the detention of a skyrocketing number of immigrants and asylum-seekers, children and infants will continue to be jailed and traumatized.

    This administration could make that change and stop this crisis with absolutely no help from Congress — but they’re choosing to use immigrants as hostages and bargaining chips instead.

    Let’s show Trump that we will not be silent until all immigrant families are reunited, the wrongfully detained are freed and the racist officials behind this disaster are held accountable. Sign up to attend a #FamiliesBelongTogether protest on June 30 near Asheville now.

    Thanks for standing up for the rights of immigrant children and families right now.

    – Karli

    Karli Wallace Thompson, Senior Digital Manager
    Democracy for America

  3. Elizabeth Warren is on our side.

    June 21, 2018 by admin

    Elizabeth Warren for Senate 2018

    For weeks, the American people have spoken out against Donald Trump’s cruel and inhumane policy of separating immigrant families. And today, Trump announced that he would end his policy.

    But let’s just be clear: this isn’t over. Thousands of children have already been ripped from their parents, and this administration hasn’t announced a plan to reunite them.

    And Donald Trump’s big solution to this crisis that he made for himself is to create new detention camps for families. The official policy of the United States of America can’t just be to throw more people in cages indefinitely.

    The groups that are working on-the-ground to help these children and families still need our help – now more than ever. If you haven’t already, please donate now to support their work. Anything you’re able to give will make a real difference.

    Richard, we’re going to keep fighting our hearts out for these babies, children, and families. We’re not going to stop until they’ve been reunited with their loved ones.

    And we’re not going to stop until Donald Trump and the Republicans answer for their actions. I hope you’ll be in this fight with us.

    Thanks for being a part of this,


  4. Brian Turner Town Hall in Liecester Friday!

    June 20, 2018 by admin


    Dear Richard,

    A lot has been happening in Raleigh over the past few weeks, so I hope you will join me this Friday at 5:30 pm at the Leicester Community Center at 2979 New Leicester Hwy, Leicester, NC 28748 for a town hall meeting to discuss what has been going on and to have your voice heard about the issues that are important to our community.

    For more information on the Town Hall visit my Facebook page.

    This event is free, non-partisan, open to the public, and kid-friendly – I look forward to seeing you Friday!


  5. Phillip Price, small businessman from Nebo and Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District,

    June 20, 2018 by admin

    Kudos From Sustainable Politician Project

    Phillip Price, small businessman from Nebo and Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, has been known to talk the talk when it comes to the district’s environmental issues. But now there is objective third-party evidence that Price actually walks the walk too.

    Last week the Sustainable Politician Project ( recommended Phillip Price as the candidate most dedicated to environmental concerns in the 11th District.  They cited his strong support of attempts to stop and reverse the effects of climate change by cutting back on fossil fuels, using clean energy, and investing in and developing renewable energy sources. And, most importantly, the Sustainable Politician Project commended Phillip Price’s commitment to protecting the mountains, rivers and forests that make Western North Carolina one of the state’s premier tourist destinations.

    Price, a 34-year resident of Western North Carolina who owns a lumber recyling business with his wife, Michelle, that has kept tons of material out of landfills, was pleased when he learned of the endorsement.

    “The environment is Western North Carolina’s most precious asset, and it is one of the four pillars of my platform of Better Jobs and Bigger Pay Checks,” Price continued, “Saving our beautiful mountains, protecting the awesome views and preventing the extinction of plants and animals is an economic imperative. Tourism — on which this district heavily relies — will only be as strong as our mountains are beautiful and our streams are clean.”

    “I’ve traveled all over the 16 counties of the 11th, and I know the back roads and the hollers,” he added. “And I know the people. They want their environment to be as pristine as possible, and they aren’t happy at all with the voting record of [incumbent] Mark Meadows. I look forward to serving the great people of Western North Carolina, and they know that whenever I am casting a vote I will be thinking about how it will impact all living in those 16 counties.” 

    “It is time we send a representative to Washington who is deeply connected to the people of the district, and to the lands in which we live. I am that representative.”

    If you would like to interview Phillip Price, please call to arrange a time or email me at

  6. Young responsible farmer need to use farmer support!

    June 20, 2018 by admin


    Readers of the NCDA&CS Agricultural Review saw that the June 2018 edition featured a page-1 article titled: “On-Farm Readiness Review Program (OFRR) aims for compliance with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).” This program, offered by NCDA&CS working with NCSU Cooperative Extension, is a great way for farmers to have experts assist in complying with the Produce Safety Rules of FSMA. The in-person technical assistance will be offered by NCDA&CS Food & Drug staff with NCSU Cooperative Extension staff. It’s non-regulatory and voluntary. It’s a great way for each farmer that undergoes an OFRR to gain an understanding of what they need to do to be in compliance with the Produce Safety Rules of FSMA.


    Below please find the article pasted in. Chris Harris at NCDA&CS is taking farmer calls and setting up the appointments.


    NC On -Farm Readiness Review Program:

    The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law in 2011 to improve the safety of all foods regulated by the FDA, including fruits and vegetables. FSMA establishes a “farm to fork” approach of ensuring the safety of our food supply with a focus on preventing food safety issues.


    In 2015, FDA issued the Produce Safety Rule which details science-based minimum standards for the growing, harvesting, pac

    king and holding of fruits and vegetables. Farms that produce fresh fruits and vegetables commonly consumed raw may be

    subject to the PSR. Farm eligibility to the PSR is detailed and includes several size and activity based exemptions and exclusions that farmers need to understand before inspections begin in early 2019.


    Under the leadership of Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, the department worked with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture to establish the Produce Safety Consortium. This group of state and federal partners was tasked with establishing produce safety programs, resulting in the development of the On-Farm Readiness Review to assist farmers with

    FSMA and PSR compliance. Troxler recognized early on that the farming community would need assistance in order to be successful in implementing these new and far-reaching food safety standards.


    An OFRR is an anonymous, voluntary, non-regulatory visit conducted by produce safety professionals at the invitation of the farmer. The goal of the OFRR is to help farmers determine if they are exempt from the Produce Safety Rule, assess current farm readiness for PSR compliance and provide farmers with information to help them in their preparations to meet the requirements of the PSR.

    An OFRR is not an audit, nor is it a pre-inspection – the farm is provided with resources and information to assist their food safety efforts. NCDA&CS, in collaboration with N.C. State University Cooperative Extension, is signing growers up for On-Farm Readiness Reviews (OFRR) for fruit and vegetable farms potentially impacted by the PSR.


    “I strongly encourage all fresh fruit and vegetable farmers to take advantage of the on-farm readiness review,” Troxler said. “The Produce Safety Rule requirements are complicated and the review is a great way to get one-on-one technical assistance to better understand these requirements.”


    Prior to participating in an OFRR, farmers must attend the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course, or an equivalent training course, to become familiar with the PSR rule. These training courses satisfy the training requirement outlined in the PSR. NCSU area specialized agents for food safety hold regularly scheduled training courses. For more information , visit:

  7. Separating children from their parents at the border is wrong, period.

    June 20, 2018 by admin

    Separating children from their parents at the border is wrong, period.

    The recent policy enacted by the Trump administration is cruel and goes against what our country stands for.

    Today, as a result of this policy, I recalled our North Carolina National Guard troops from the border. A policy this wrong demands a strong response.

    Now I want you to get involved. I’m calling on the Trump administration to end this policy immediately. Add your name if you’re with me.

    Thanks for all you continue to do,



  8. June 19, 2018 by admin

    Dear Richard,

    A lot has been happening in Raleigh over the past few weeks, so I hope you will join me this Friday at 5:30 pm at the Leicester Community Center at 2979 New Leicester Hwy, Leicester, NC 28748 for a town hall meeting to discuss what has been going on and to have your voice heard about the issues that are important to our community.

    For more information on the Town Hall visit my Facebook page.

    This event is free, non-partisan, open to the public, and kid-friendly – I look forward to seeing you Friday!


  9. Elizabeth Warren is on our side!

    June 19, 2018 by admin

    Elizabeth Warren for Senate 2018

    I have some questions for Donald Trump’s new nominee to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    And I’m not going ANYWHERE until I get some answers.

    Kathy Kraninger – the person Donald Trump officially nominated yesterday to run the CFPB – has spent the past 15 months working for Mick Mulvaney at the White House Office of Management and Budget.

    Her job at OMB: to oversee all of the Trump administration’s budget requests for seven executive branch agencies – including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

    The American people deserve to know whether Kathy Kraninger helped lock immigrant children up in cages before Donald Trump gives her a big promotion to lead the consumer watch dog. So I’m placing a hold on her nomination – and fighting it at every step – until we know:

      1. What role did Kathy Kraninger play in OMB budgetary or policy decisions about the Trump administration’s “Zero-Tolerance Policy” to rip young immigrant children away from their parents?
    1. What emails, analysis memos, recommendations, and other communications exist between Kathy Kraninger and the Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, and the White House (including Stephen Miller) regarding this appalling immigration policy?

    Demand Kathy Kraninger answer our questions now.

    Let’s just be clear: Kraninger’s job at OMB wasn’t just some hoity-toity position where you don’t get your hands dirty.

    OMB’s oversight of government agencies is a full-contact sport. It means “ongoing policy and management guidance,” “oversee[ing] implementation of policy options,” and working with agencies all year as they shift money around to implement a new law or policy.

    In other words: If Kathy Kraninger did her job correctly – worthy of getting this huge promotion – she should know exactly where this policy to rip apart immigrant families came from.

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau needs a director who will level the playing field for hard-working people – not someone who fought for, rubber-stamped, or turned a blind eye to policies that treat children and families like animals.

    Demand Kathy Kraninger answer our questions now.

    Thanks for being a part of this,


  10. He wants to be the first black Governor of Maryland

    June 19, 2018 by admin

    Today is Juneteenth — the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

    Like many black Americans, this day means so much to me and my family. For me — of all the things I inherited that have been passed down from generation to generation — it’s clear the commitment to persevering against adversity is the strongest legacy of my family.

    My great-great-great grandfather Peter G. Morgan was a former slave who helped to rewrite the Virginia state constitution after the Civil War. But before that, he earned his freedom by earning money through shoemaking — otherwise known as, manumission. A former slave, turned shoemaker, turned history-maker.

    That’s who I come from. And I hope he’d be proud to know that spirit led to his great-great-great grandson running to be the first black governor of Maryland.

    I talked earlier today on Facebook Live about what Juneteenth means to me, and why I’m running for governor of Maryland. Watch now to learn more.

    I didn’t know much about my great-great-great grandfather when I was suspended from Columbia for leading a campaign of civil disobedience to save the building where Malcolm X was assassinated. I only knew it was important to save, honor, and protect the few structures in our country that represent black history.

    It’s this commitment that led me to be the youngest president of the NAACP, and it’s what driven me today to run to be the first black governor of Maryland. I know that if our government starts to look more like the people it represents, we’ll be that much closer to an equal, just democracy.

    It’s why my ancestors dreamed of when they walked out of slavery more than 150 years ago. It’s what we dream of today. With only three black senators, no black governors, and one former black president — it’s time to do all we can to step up for our ancestors, and for our future.

    There’s so much at stake, and we can’t step back. Check out the Facebook Live from earlier today to learn more about Juneteenth and how black history and my ancestors have influenced my run to be the first black governor of Maryland.



    Former NAACP President and Maryland gubernatorial candidate

    P.S. My primary is coming up on June 26 — just one short week away. If you would like to help us change the number of black governors in this country from zero to one (of hopefully many!), please sign up to make calls on DFA Dialer this week to help us get out the vote.