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  1. Thanks for your support!

    November 23, 2017 by admin

    Enjoy Thanksgiving while it is still possible! Who knows what to expect in the coming years?

  2. our political revolution.

    November 23, 2017 by admin

    Friends of Bernie Sanders
    For a limited time, make a donation of $27 to Progressive Voters of America and get a FREE copy of Bernie Sanders’ book, Our Revolution.

    Bernie Sanders wrote a book about the steps we can take to revitalize American democracy and bring millions of young people and working people into an unstoppable movement that fights for a government that represents all of us, not just the billionaire class.

    Make a donation of $27 to Progressive Voters of America to help Bernie elect progressives across the country and we’ll send you a copy of his New York Times Best-Seller: Our Revolution.

    Contribute any amount and receive the copy of Bernie’s book: Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.


    We only have a limited number of books to give away for a donation of $27, so this email is probably your only chance to get one.

    All you have to do is make a donation of $27 and we’ll get Bernie’s book out to you in the mail.

    Thank you for standing with Bernie and supporting his work electing progressives across the country who count themselves as part of our political revolution.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


    November 23, 2017 by admin


    Nov. 17, 2017

    SPECIAL REPORT – Can Dems retake Southern legislatures?
    INSTITUTE INDEX – The injustice of the Atlantic Coast PipelinSOUTHERN NEWS AND TRENDS


    MEET THE SOUTH’S HISTORY-MAKING WINNERS IN THIS YEAR’S ELECTIONS: A year after Donald Trump was elected president in a campaign that appealed to bigotry, voters across the South rejected the politics of division and embraced trailblazing African-American, Asian-American, Latino and LGBT candidates. (11/10/2017)

    THE DEEPENING DIVIDE BETWEEN THE SOUTH’S BLUE CITIES AND RED STATES: Democrats, liberal-leaning independents and a growing number of progressives lead two-thirds of the South’s 30 largest cities, but their agenda is under attack from the region’s conservative legislatures through preemption and other efforts to limit local control. (11/17/2017)

    POLITICS OF RACIAL DIVISION BACKFIRED IN VIRGINIA GOVERNOR’S RACE: A poll conducted in Virginia on the eve of the Nov. 7 election found that losing Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s reliance on anti-immigrant race-baiting did not work — and in fact turned off many of the state’s voters, most of whom support welcoming immigration policies. (11/9/2017)

    YES, SOME ALABAMA REPUBLICANS WILL STILL VOTE FOR ROY MOORE: The Nation interviews Howell Raines on what he calls “Alabama Embarrassment Syndrome.” (11/17/2017)

    SPECIAL REPORT – Lessons from 2017: Can Democrats retake Southern legislatures?


    By Chris Kromm

    Republicans came out of the 2016 elections controlling every legislative chamber in the South. But this year, with a handful of off-year elections in play, Southern Democrats rode a progressive wave to come within striking distance of winning a majority in the Virginia House of Delegates and picked up three seats in the Georgia legislature.

    Analysts and pundits are still divining the lessons of 2017, including the answer to a key question that will shape Southern politics for more than a decade: Where can Democrats win control of Southern legislatures by 2020, when lawmakers will redraw political maps after the census count?

    The successes of 2017 certainly offer Democrats grounds for optimism.

    In Virginia, where voters cast ballots for all 100 members of the House of Delegates, Democrats controlled only 34 seats heading into the 2017 elections. After Election Day, they had picked up 15 seats. Republicans currently cling to a 51-49 majority, although three of the races are still too close to call and will be decided by lawsuits and recounts. In Virginia House District 94, which includes Newport News, the GOP candidate is currently ahead by a mere 10 votes.

    Gerrymandering and the balance of power

    In many other Southern legislatures, Democrats are within the same striking distance — or even closer — to taking power as Virginia Democrats were coming into the 2017 elections.

    A Facing South/Institute for Southern Studies analysis of the balance of power in the South’s 26 legislative chambers finds that in more than half (14), Democrats currently hold 34 percent or more of the seats, giving them an equal or lesser margin than the party closed in 2017 in the Virginia House

  4. Save Health Care

    November 23, 2017 by admin


    Should Republicans dismantle our health care?

    We’re OUTRAGED, Friends. The GOP tax plan was already a nightmare, filled with giveaways to millionaires and corporations at the expense of middle-class families.

    BUT NOW, the CBO is reporting that this plan could slash Medicare by a staggering $25 BILLION almost immediately!

    And it gets worse: This bill also attacks Obamacare, leaving 13 million people without insurance and sending premiums skyrocketing!

    It’s CATASTROPHIC – and it could come to a vote in the Senate AT ANY MOMENT.
    We’re doing everything we can to protect health care and stop the GOP’s reckless plan, but we need to hear from 5,200 Democrats before midnight tonight. Will you take our survey

  5. Brooke Still Senior Digital Campaigns Manager League of Conservation Voters

    November 23, 2017 by admin


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    League of Conservation Voters


    Trump’s EPA will remove critical clean air and climate protections unless we stop them. Fight back by signing this petition today »


    The EPA has a duty to protect our air, water, and climate. Repealing the Clean Power Plan moves our country in the opposite direction and puts this EPA on the wrong side of history.



    Richard — Donald Trump and his EPA chief Scott Pruitt are trying to repeal the Clean Power Plan, a critical component in our fight against climate change that could save thousands of lives each year.

    While Trump and Pruitt get cozy with Big Polluters, doing everything they can to protect their profits at the expense of our health and environment, we must mobilize to fight back.

    And the moment to act is now. Last week, voters across the country sent a clear message to Trump: We will not sit by while this administration hands over our health and safety to Big Oil and Dirty Coal. We can ride this momentum, but we must come together now while the EPA is accepting comments on whether it should repeal this critical climate action. This is the time to gather public input and send in so many comments the administration will have to stop its plans to kill the Clean Power Plan.

    The EPA is only accepting comments to save the Clean Power Plan for a short time — we must act today! Submit an official comment to support climate action before it’s too late.

    The Clean Power Plan sets the first-ever national limits on dangerous carbon pollution from power plants — making it our nation’s biggest step EVER to curb the pollution from the power sector. It will yield over $50 billion in health and climate benefits, giving us everything from safer air to an acceleration of our transition to a clean energy economy.

    But ever since the Clean Power Plan was first proposed it has been under attack by Big Polluters and their allies in Congress. Now, with Trump in the White House and pro-polluter Pruitt at the helm of the EPA, this landmark action hangs in the balance.

    Over the years, LCV supporters like you have submitted hundreds of thousands public comments supporting the Clean Power Plan and other commonsense policies to fight climate change. It’s because of you that the Clean Power Plan even exists, and it’ll be because of you that we keep our progress moving forward. We only have a short period of time until the comment period closes. Will you help us reach 50,000 comments?

    Don’t let Trump’s EPA ignore climate change. Step up and help save the Clean Power Plan today. GOAL: 50,000 comments »

    This year we’ve seen countless homes destroyed, communities ravaged, and lives lost due to the impacts of climate change. We need commonsense protections like the Clean Power Plan to fight climate change and save our planet while we still can.

    Thank you for speaking out today.

    Brooke Still
    Senior Digital Campaigns Manager
    League of Conservation Voters

  6. November 23, 2017 by admin

    We ARE gearing up for a democratic wave in North Carolina

  7. November 23, 2017 by admin


    “It was a bad night for conservatives!” How do we know? Because that’s exactly what Phil Berger just said.


    Richard, Berger’s right to be worried!

    We ARE gearing up for a democratic wave in North Carolina! And with your help, the victories we are seeing across the country are on their way to the ole’ North State.

    Will you help us send a message to Berger by donating $10, $25, or $50 right now to help us break the supermajority and continue this Democratic winning streak?

    Your donation will go towards recruiting the best candidates and providing them with all the resources they need to run a winning campaign.



  8. Democracy North Carolina

    November 23, 2017 by admin

    Can you join us for these two important events, Richard?

    We have done so many important actions and campaigns this year in 2017, and now it’s time to reflect and celebrate. We have two important events coming up in the weeks following the Thanksgiving holiday. Please note that we have rescheduled our usual Coalition Meeting day to the Monday after the holiday.

    Join us for the last Democracy Asheville Coalition Meeting of 2017 on Monday, November 27 at 6 PM in Asheville (location TBA).


    Join us for a Democracy Asheville Volunteer Appreciation on Thursday, December 7 at 6 PM at the Wesley Grant Center (285 Livingston St, Asheville, NC 28801).

    If you have questions, you can contact Darlene Azarmi at 828-216-3430 or

    See you soon!


    Democracy North Carolina
    1821 Green Street, Durham, NC 27705

  9. “Indivisible” Meet Up

    November 23, 2017 by admin

    se join us for
    Tomorrow/Today: Idea Incubators
    On Community-Driven Sustainability
    Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 | 3:00-5:00 p.m.
    First Congregational Church
    20 Oak St, Asheville, 28801 (Map)

    On October 29, Indivisible AVL hosted a screening of the award-winning documentary TOMORROW, which highlights positive changes ordinary citizens are making in communities around the world. We followed the film with Idea Incubators focused on sustainability initiatives we could implement right here at home. Now it’s time to put those ideas into action!

    On Sunday, November 19, we’ll bring the Idea Incubators back together. Each group – Agriculture, Energy, Economy, Democracy, and Education – will select a top project to work on and will map out the next steps needed to make it happen. Everyone’s welcome – even if you missed the first session. The only “requirement” is an interest in sustainability and a desire to be involved in positive change.

    We hope to see you there! And feel free to bring a friend.

    P.S. If you missed TOMORROW (or want to review), you can catch it on low-cost view-on-demand at

  10. Mary Sweeters Offshore Oil Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

    November 23, 2017 by admin


    Tell your Representative to vote NO on the SECURE Act!
    Take action
    Take Action Today!
    Last week, a House committee approved a disturbing bill called the SECURE American Energy Act. It’s essentially a fossil fuel industry wish list rolled into a brand new package.

    Your representative could vote on this giveaway to oil and gas corporations any day! Send a message to your Representative right now to tell them to vote NO on the SECURE Act it’s time to protect our communities, coasts, climate, and marine life, not oil company profits. It will only take 30 seconds.

    If this bill becomes law, it will become easier and faster for corporations to pump oil out of millions of acres of protected public land and waters, and that’s just the start:

    Rules protecting marine mammals — like the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale — from seismic blasting and oil drilling will be weakened to the point of nonexistence.
    States will be given financial incentives to drill in sensitive ecosystems.
    Enforcement of federal fracking regulations would be prohibited.
    This bill will make drilling easier, endanger communities and wildlife, and delay our transition to clean energy. Clearly, the only thing the SECURE Act secures is increased profits for oil executives. It will lock us into decades of reckless oil and gas development. The cost is just too high.

    Please do your part by telling your Representative to vote NO on the SECURE act.

    We can stop this bill from ever becoming law. The resistance has already stalled Trump’s legislative agenda and the SECURE Act is just plain outrageous. Your voice — combined with thousands of others — can ensure your Representative wants nothing to do with it.

    Thank you for fighting for our communities, coasts, wildlife and climate.


    Mary Sweeters
    Offshore Oil Campaigner, Greenpeace USA