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Keith Ellison FOR CONGRESS


We’re still about 2,300 signatures shy of 10,000 and I’m hoping you’ll help put us over the edge. Please take a minute to add your name right away.

I’m furious that the GOP voted on a near party line to open debate on repealing health care for (at least) 22 million Americans. It’s shameful to see such cold-hearted, hurtful legislation being debated in our nation’s capital.

Mitch McConnell is hell-bent on passing this bill, and he’s a couple steps closer to doing it than he was yesterday morning. But I need you to know that the fight isn’t over.

We can still stop this terrible, terrible bill, but I need you to help us amplify this message and make your voice heard. Add your name and say “no” to ACA repeal.

Thank you for stepping up and being visible. Let’s beat this thing.

In solidarity,

Keith Ellison

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