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December 23, 2017 by admin

Merry Christmas Trump supporters! Allow the joys of this season to let the light in. Let in the light of truth. Let the light in to all those dark cervices and find kindness. Let the light of reason into your soul.
Trump wasn’t the answer. I get that you were angry. I get that you felt shortchanged. You fell for a con artist though. He’s not going to help you and he is bad for our country.
Let the light in.
Let’s start out with his campaign kickoff speech. We don’t have a problem with illegal Mexican immigration in the US. Illegal Mexican immigration declined steeply in ’08 after the crash and never came back. It is an example of racial scapegoating. Hitler did this in Germany. It was just a very few years between this kind of casual scapegoating and the mass extermination of Jewish and other people. Truly vicious attacks that were often fatal were common in the period between. To even tolerate this is wrong.
Let the light in.
Muslim terrorist are not your biggest safety threat, our lack of regulation of who has access to firearms is. Far more people are killed in mass shootings by young, middle-class white men than by terrorist. Now, more people are killed by guns than in automobile accidents in the US. We had a war on vehicle safety and won. The Muslim religion is different. They have some very different customs and that can be scary, but it is a religion of peace. They have no intention of “instituting Sharia law.” Get in contact with a local Mosque and get educated. They often have open houses.
Let the light in.
Political correctness is not intended to do anything but recognize and minimize ways you might hurt someone. Why is that a problem? We followed some strange and cumbersome etiquette rules back in the day, this is just change.
Let the light in.
Obama Care, The Affordable Care Act, helps a lot of people. Without being socialized medicine, it is a way to bring universal care and the cost benefits of universal care in an American-style insurance based system. Insisting that people go without healthcare is cruel. We have spent a lot of time outside the US and people asked us about it. They were convinced that people got healthcare, but they were at the end of the line. They were sure that the uninsured had to wait, but got care eventually. People were aghast when we said no, they don’t wait, they don’t get care. When the uninsured get care without insurance, they go bankrupt. We pay way more for our healthcare system with dramatically lesser results than any of the other industrialized countries, but it does exclude people and maybe that is the point. Christians, proud Christians, do not respond to this cruelty. In fact, the Children’s Health Insurance Program is currently unfunded and is on the chopping block. How can you do this to children?
Let the light in.
The tax bill is a hoax for individuals. It will not help you. The number crunchers say it will also increase the deficit. The bill itself only decreases taxes on individuals the first couple years, then the higher rates come back. The decreases to corporations have no expiration date. The theory being pushed is that this bill will increase wages because corporations will have extra money. That is laughable. When has a corporation ever given someone a raise out of the goodness of their heart? If the intention was to increase wages, the answer is to raise the minimum wage. The minimum wage hasn’t been raised since before Obama. It is a fact that putting more money in the hands of the poor immediately fuels the economy. Think for a minute about that $600 check you got from GW Bush. I put mine in the bank. Those living closer to the edge had a boat-load of things they needed. Others had a wish list ready to put into action. Most put the money straight into the economy. The same happens when the minimum wage is increased. Corporations already have the means for this. Increase the minimum wage.
Let it go; let the light in.
Democrats clean up. Remember when we had zero deficit? That was after Bill Clinton. What did Obama start with? I don’t remember for sure. I remember it hitting 8 trillion and GW Bush’s VP, Dick Cheney, waved it off and said deficits don’t matter. I’m guessing it was around 12 trillion when Obama took office. Yes, it went up, but we were dealing with the worst economic crisis since the great depression.
Let the Light in
Every time another rock is lifted, there is another Russian connection! They have more Russian connections than American connections. Our government is Russian controlled. The Russians are our enemy. Maybe you forgot that. They are not nice people.
Let the light in.
Think Democrats and Republicans are the same? Republicans increase your taxes and tell you they have lowered them. Democrats want to do things in community. They favor public education, public libraries, public parks. They want to protect you with laws regulating employment, safety and environmental impact. Trump wants to “relax” all those laws that were fought for and that help us to have better, safer lives.
Would a Democrats cut education spending and give tax credits for private and parochial schools? Democrats don’t take federal land out of the national monument system for strip mining. Would a Democrat intentionally stir up trouble in the middle east, just to distract from investigation problems? Would a Democrat honor Native American Code Talkers under the picture of Andrew Jackson? Andrew Jackson sent Native Americans to reservations on foot. More than half died on the route that became called the Trail of Tears. Those are just my examples from last week. It is outrageous that he was elected after that taped conversation about sexual assault.
Let the light in.
Trump is the equivalent of a 100-year flood. A catastrophic disaster. Trump had no intention of helping you. He made a practice of stiffing any small businesses that he did business with. The people of Atlantic city hate him because of how he cheated them.
Join us in turning this around. Christ will forgive you, and so will we.

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”
― Yogi Bhajan

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