Why are we so angry ? We snipe at politicians but what is our issue ? Why do we overlook the faults of the man we elected ? Why did we gamble the future of our country on this man ? Is the issue the gulf between our income and that of the 10% ? Most of us know we’ve been had when it comes to financial security. There were two populist candidates; Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Each man had different plans. Bernie Sander’s plans involved requiring more of the powerful, recognizing the unfair distribution of the country’s prosperity. Donald Trump’s plans involved blaming those on welfare, racial minorities, minority religious, and immigrants… they steal our jobs. Democratic party leaders threw their support to the status quo; Hillary Clinton. So come the election, there was only one populist on the ballot. Is it any wonder he is our president ? Considering his plans to “fix” the country, is it any wonder we have increased racial tension ? Is it any wonder we are willing to be “mean” to those whom we blame ? To decrease hostility and tension in our country, we must rebalance the distribution of wealth and increase the financial security of the 90%.