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Alliance of Retired Americans

Seniors Watching to Ensure the 114th Congress Does Not Cut Their Earned Social Security and Medicare Benefits

Western N.C. at Large, Alliance of Retiree American is the name of a new Chapter of the N.C. Alliance for Retired Americans and Friends of labor.
If you would like to join our chapter here in Western N.C., please fill out the application and return it with your $10.00 dues ! Our next meeting will be July23,2015 at the annex of the Presbyterian Church in Asheville Nc 28803

Sincerely, President Dick Warren
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, the 23th July, at 10:00 AM in the church parlor of the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church,123 Kenilworth Road, here in Kenilworth. If you have any questions call me at 828-505-0691 or 956-357-1864.

In solidarity,

Dick Warren

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