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  1. Karli Wallace Thompson, Campaign Manager Democracy for America

    February 21, 2018 by admin

    “The next death of someone with an assault rifle here in Florida is going to be on them… because they could have done something today.” — Sheryl Acquaroli, Parkland shooting survivor

    Yesterday, as Sheryl and other young Parkland survivors looked on in horror and disgust, the Florida legislature voted overwhelmingly to reject a ban on assault rifles.

    This is absolutely unacceptable. It was a slap in the face to a community that is reeling in pain right now — and to everyone across this country who has been impacted by gun violence.

    Time and time again, we’ve witnessed preventable gun-fueled tragedies in this country — often committed using weapons of war like the AR-15. And time and time again, politicians have gotten away with offering up “thoughts and prayers” and nothing else.

    No more. The young people of Parkland are demanding that our politicians DO SOMETHING and make concrete progress on gun reform. Let’s show them that Democracy for America members will have their backs in this fight.

    Sign Democracy for America’s petition and tell lawmakers to listen to survivors instead of the NRA. We need meaningful gun reform — including an assault weapon ban — immediately.

    In the wake of a horrifying school shooting that claimed 17 innocent lives, the young people of Parkland, Florida are organizing — and they’re breathing new life into the movement for sensible gun laws.

    Over the weekend, a moving video of Parkland student Emma González calling “BS” on politicians who say that this isn’t about guns — or that nothing can be done about gun violence — went viral. And at least three major protests demanding change are in the works, many of them led by the very students who are being impacted by the threat of gun violence.

    Not only is the organic organizing we’re seeing incredibly inspiring, it’s already moving the needle on gun reform. A Quinnipiac poll taken after the shooting and released on Tuesday showed that people favored stricter gun laws 66% to 31% — the highest level of support ever recorded by that polling firm.

    The next generation is standing up and demanding that politicians prioritize saving people’s lives over taking dirty NRA money. Let’s make sure that they know which side we are on.

    Sign Democracy for America’s petition and tell lawmakers to stop chasing dirty NRA money and pass common sense gun reform — including an assault rifle ban — now.

    Thanks for stepping up to fight the NRA and protect our communities.

    – Karli

    Karli Wallace Thompson, Campaign Manager
    Democracy for America

  2. Michael Phelan Social Security Works

    February 21, 2018 by admin

    “Every day, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 year old. And each of those 10,000 people will have questions about their Social Security. And yet, the Social Security Administration is being forced to close field offices across the country.

    Cuts to Social Security field offices will undermine our ability to make critical decisions about your retirement security. It will result in long hold times on the phone and longer wait times at remaining field offices. We demand that Congress act to expand, not cut, Social Security field offices.”

    Sign the petition
    Every day, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 year old. And each of those 10,000 people will have questions about their Social Security.

    We just learned that a Social Security field office in Paul Ryan’s neighboring district will be closing this year. Instead of cutting field offices, we should be opening more of them!

    Sign the petition to Congress. At a time when 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 each day, we need more Social Security field offices, not less!

    We should be investing in Social Security field offices across the country, so that you can easily access your retirement security and have your questions answered by an individual, not an FAQ page on a website. But if Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have their way, this won’t be the last office to close. The office in your area could be next!

    The Republican vision for the Social Security Administration is fewer real people, longer wait times on the phone and at the few field offices that remain, and few benefits. If we don’t raise our voices and fight back, this office closing won’t be the last.

    The money to administer Social Security comes directly from the money we pay in with every paycheck. Social Security’s administrative costs are so minimal that these cuts do nothing to extend the life of the trust fund. This is our money, and Republicans in Congress are forcing administrative cuts for no reason other than to make people lose faith in our Social Security system. Decisions about claiming benefits are too important to be left to an online form. SSA field offices are full of trained, caring workers who are there to help you as an individual, not a number on a spreadsheet.

    This isn’t just an issue for retirees–SSA workers are crucial in claiming survivors and disability benefits, which are often needed at the most vulnerable, stressful times in people’s lives. That’s what we’re fighting to protect when we fight for SSA.

    We’re standing with our champions on the ground on Milwaukee’s south side to save their field office and field offices across the country. But we need to act now to make sure that Congress gets the message.

    Sign the petition demanding Congress expand, not cut, Social Security field offices!

    Thank you for taking action today,

    Michael Phelan
    Social Security Works

  3. “Rep. Kelly Alexander” Re elect

    February 21, 2018 by admin

    A week ago today, we saw yet another horrific act of cruelty. Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an assault rifle brutally took the lives of 17 sons and daughters.
    These type shootings are happening at an alarming rate. We have reached a point that in which our children and teachers no longer feel safe.
    It is time for NC to lead the way, a pass a bill that intended to keep North Carolina safe. That is why during the upcoming short session of the Legislature, I will introduce a bill that works to change our laws and keep our citizens safe.
    The Keep North Carolina Safe Bill will do the following:
    Appropriate $5M to the Governors Crime Control Commission to create a “School safety grant program.” The program would be a 2:1 match — for every $2 spent on school safety by the county they can apply for $1 match from the state.
    Appropriate $5M to the Governors Crime Control Commission for an assault rifle buyback program. The program will also be a 2:1 match — for $2 spent buying back assault rifles a county can apply for a $1 match.
    Raise the legal age for the purchase of an assault weapon to 22 years of age.
    Prohibit the possession or sale of firearms to an individual diagnosed with a mental illness, with a domestic violence conviction, with a domestic violence restraining orders, or listed on federal no-fly or watch list.
    Require background checks for gun sales at gun shows.
    Create a state database for all legal gun purchases.
    These steps are the only way we can start to make NC Safe.
    Join me by adding your name to this bill here:

  4. In 2008, Wall Street’s reckless greed crashed our economy.

    February 21, 2018 by admin

    In 2008, Wall Street’s reckless greed crashed our economy.

    While millions of hard-working people lost their jobs, their homes, and their life savings, the big banks got a $700 billion no-strings-attached bailout from the American taxpayers. A bailout and nobody went to jail for causing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    After the crash, Congress passed legislation called Dodd-Frank, which put new rules in place for the biggest financial institutions to stop another crisis and taxpayer bailout.

    But now, less than a decade later, Senate Republicans – and some Senate Democrats – are getting ready to gut a lot of those rules for some of the country’s biggest banks. The bank lobbyists have been hitting Capitol Hill hard, and they have a Dodd-Frank rollback bill lined up with the support of every Republican and twelve Democrats.

    We need to make some noise about this big wet kiss to the big banks by reminding Senators as loudly as possible: they work for the American people, not for big bank lobbyists. Sign our urgent petition right now to tell the Senate not to weaken the rules on big banks.

    Dodd-Frank said that every bank with more than $50 billion in assets – that’s roughly the 40 biggest banks, or the top 0.5% of all banks by size – would have tougher rules than smaller banks. That means mandatory stress tests to analyze how they would react to another financial crisis and plans for how they would break apart, sell off assets, and liquidate in bankruptcy if they started to fail.

    There’s a reason for this common-sense oversight of big banks: They are so big that they could potentially bring down the whole economy again if they failed and taxpayers didn’t bail them out again.

    The bill that could be up in the Senate in the next few weeks would let almost 30 of the 40 biggest banks in the country could go back to looser rules like the ones that let them run wild before the 2008 crisis.

    What could possibly go wrong?!?

    The big bank lobbyists want you to believe that this bill is protecting poor little mom and pop banks from getting buried under red tape. But this bill is aimed at helping the big guys. These 30 banks got nearly $50 billion in taxpayer bailouts during the 2008 crisis.

    And remember Countrywide? It was at the heart of the financial crisis. At its peak, Countrywide was financing one out of every five mortgages in the country. It was a major player in blowing up the economy. You know how big Countrywide was when it was leading the toxic mortgages that blew up our economy? About $200 billion – smaller than some of the banks that would be turned loose by this bill.

    Let’s be clear: Banks of all sizes are making record profits right now. And if that wasn’t enough, the Republican tax bill just gave away billions to the big banks. They are swimming in money. There is no reason at all to roll back the rules on these big banks so they can pad their pockets even more – and cut them loose to take on wild risks again.

    The American people – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – want tougher rules on big banks, not weaker ones. It’s time to hold Republican AND Democratic Senators who support this bill accountable for siding with their big bank donors instead of working families.

    I get it: Wall Street has money and power. But there are a lot more of us than there are of them. The only way to slow down this Bank Lobbyist Act is if we speak out and fight back. Sign our petition to protect Dodd-Frank and make your voice heard – and ask your friends to sign as well.

    The big banks will do anything they can to pass this dangerous bill into law. We need you out there giving everything you’ve got.

    Thanks for being a part of this,


  5. Alliance for American Manufacturing

    February 21, 2018 by admin

    Most Americans agree that manufacturing matters. The sector punches above its weight, creating middle class jobs, supporting local communities, and helping secure our national and economic defense.

    Politicians know this. That’s why around election time, they give speeches in factories and pose for photos with workers in hardhats. But they seldom deliver for the working class once they’re in office.

    We’ve now arrived at one of those rare moments when a politician can act decisively, defend jobs, and keep a campaign promise. We can’t throw away this opportunity.

    President Trump can act any day now to stop steel imports that threaten our national security and American jobs.

    Don’t text? Click here to send an online message to the president.
    America’s working class is counting on the president, something I witnessed firsthand when I visited Coatesville, Pa., where hundreds of hardworking Americans make the steel that is used by our military to protect troops on the battlefield.

    You can read about my trip in this week’s edition of TIME magazine. My takeaway from that trip is that these workers – some who voted for Trump, some who did not – are counting on the president to keep his promise to stand up for steel jobs like theirs.

    Here’s how he can do it.
    On Feb. 16, the Commerce Department released the findings of its investigation into steel and aluminum imports, determining they do indeed “threaten to impair” national security. The agency also put forth recommendations for action, and Trump only has until mid-April to act.

    And Trump alone has the power to do this.
    Join me in telling President Trump to take swift, comprehensive action to defend American jobs and industry from foreign threats.

    Scott Paul
    Alliance for American Manufacturing

  6. More from Fred Pennell

    February 21, 2018 by admin

    I wrote the St. V. piece on Wed. , the eve of the event, but did not send until 8AM Saturday. Ihad little info on the details because I did not watch TV
    news until Sat. 7AM. I could not take ” not the time to talk about the insane law that allows an 18 year old to buy an assault rifle. ” Even in FloriDA !
    Having to listen to the defining/deafening silence from Trump and the GOP about guns, and assault rifles for hunters. Having to listen about their
    Constitutional and God given right to own a military weapon, designed for mass killing of human beings, and nothing else. I assumed that in FloriDA a
    16 year ole could buy one, but not a beer until 21. Close ! His guns, his body armor, his many hate messages to others, many times questioned by
    authorities, and still no action. And of course, wearing his prized RED MAKE AMERICA GREAT hat for his mentor. That says it all, doesn’t it. Well,
    in a word….no. Will Trump say that he has reduced drastically federal money for mental health ? Will he say that he repelled O’s inititives to keep guns
    out of the hands of the mentally ill, and people on the ” no fly ” list ? Snowballs in Hell !

    Seven more years of anger and heartbreak, as our country splinters and devolves…. and the GOP does nothing to stop it. He will continue to visit
    hospitals, and offer empty words for the dead kids, to the parents and the Nation. What he,they won’t do is anything to protect our kids from the next one.

    Still angry/heartbroken,

  7. Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director Democracy for America

    February 20, 2018 by admin

    The first primaries of 2018 are almost here, and three progressive candidates running for Congress need your help right now.

    Gina Ortiz Jones, Laura Moser, and Veronica Escobar are running in competitive primaries in Texas on March 6 — just a few weeks away. They’re out knocking doors, building a movement to defeat the NRA and fighting for inclusive populism.

    Each candidate is running people-powered campaigns funded by the grassroots, not by wealthy donors or big corporations. They’re out knocking doors and building a movement for economic and racial justice and to challenge the NRA. And they need our help. Right now.

    We need to help these amazing candidates win these critical primaries — and early voting is already under way. Will you chip in $3 or more to help elect Gina Ortiz Jones, Laura Moser, and Veronica Escobar?

    Here are just a few reasons why DFA members are mobilizing to support these three candidates:

    Gina Ortiz Jones will be the first lesbian, Iraq War vet and Filipina-American to represent Texas in Congress when she defeats Trump Republican Will Hurd in the 23rd District. She’ll be a critical leader in the fight to stop Trump’s wall from this border community district rated as a “Toss-Up” by numerous independent observers.

    Laura Moser is a working mom and writer turned progressive activist, running for Congress in Texas’s 7th district to build a better America. As the founder of DailyAction, she created a tool that helps hundreds of thousands of activists connect with their Congressmembers every day on timeliest progressive fights. When Democratic Party leaders suggested a woman’s right to choose was negotiable in order to court Trump voters, she didn’t hesitate to stand up against selling out core democratic values for political expediency and vowed to never waver in her support for reproductive freedom and the right to legal abortion.

    Veronica Escobar is a third-generation Texan who has dedicated herself to the betterment of her community. She has spent her career fighting for immigrant rights as an El Paso county judge. Now she’ll continue to lead the fight for inclusive populism in Congress standing up to Trump’s hate filled agenda on day one.

    These primaries matter just as much as the November election itself. Democrats won’t defeat Republicans or smash Trump’s greedy white supremacy without a vision that rallies the country to stop inequality and injustice.

    Early voting just began for the Texas primary and these three candidates need our help right now to win. Will you chip in $3 or more to help elect Gina Ortiz Jones, Laura Moser, and Veronica Escobar?

    Thank you for helping win these key primaries.

    – Charles

    Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director
    Democracy for America

  8. From Public Citizen

    February 20, 2018 by admin

    With our partners, we just won our case against Ben Carson’s Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    HUD illegally suspended a rule that would have assisted low-income families in securing affordable housing.

    A federal judge granted our request for a preliminary injunction, and now HUD has agreed to keep the rule in place.

    If you’re keeping score, that’s two victories over the past week in our lawsuits against the Trump administration and one new lawsuit filed.

  9. From Progressive Populas

    February 20, 2018 by admin

    The response offered by Bernie Sanders offers a clear contrast. Sanders has his liabilities as an orator, but he is currently the most popular politician in America. Part of the reason for that surely is that people trust that he tells it straight.

    Sanders goes after Trump directly for his “divisiveness, dishonesty and racism,” and for the “promises he made to working people which he did not keep.” He skewers Trump’s claims on the economy, focusing on the reality that the rich are getting much richer while millions of workers continue to struggle.

    He points out that the owners of Walmart and Amazon are cleaning up, paying their workers so little that they must rely on Medicaid and food stamps to survive, and taxpayers foot the bill. He indicts the tax cuts directly for benefiting the top one percent. He scours Trump for failing to mention, among other things, the flood of money that is corrupting our elections since the Citizens United decision.

    Demanding Real Change

    Sanders then invokes the growing citizen movements demanding real change – Medicare for All, fair taxes on billionaires, trade deals that help working people not multinationals, a $15 minimum wage, free tuition at public colleges, universal childcare, equal pay for women, criminal justice reform and more. The promises are clear, often explicit, given force by the popular mobilizations that demand them.

  10. Nina Turner President Our Revolution

    February 20, 2018 by admin

    When Senator Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president in 2015, he readjusted the expectations of the American people. Unlike any other candidate, and unlike our current president, Bernie did not argue that he alone had the answers, that he alone could create change, that he could individually improve our economy, Bernie made the presidency about us, the people.

    “What this campaign is about is saying loudly and clearly: It is not just about electing Bernie Sanders for president, it is about creating a grassroots political movement in this country.”

    Unleashing a message long since forgotten, Sen. Sanders ignited a new bloc of voters, and better yet, a new bloc of elected officials. This movement brought together people who felt the current political system was ignoring them–people from Appalachia, from urban centers like New York City, and coast to coast. Since his campaign, our movement has led to new city council members, new legislators, new school board members, and new life in campaigns for local, state and federal offices.

    We do our best to inspire the 99 percent with the simple truth: together we hold the key that unlocks our future. Through organizing, through collective engagement, just simply through showing up, we can shape our destiny and the destiny of our country.

    As Sen. Sanders said, “No matter who is elected president, that person will not be able to address the enormous problems facing the working families of our country. They will not be able to succeed, because the power of corporate America, the power of Wall Street, the power of campaign donors is so great, that no president alone can stand up to them.”

    Presidents cannot do it alone and we cannot do it alone. We need you to show up. We need you to organize, drop by one of your local group meetings, make phone calls or text for our endorsed candidates, and be a part of Our Revolution.

    Click here to join in the power of the collective many and become an Our Revolution member today.

    In solidarity,

    Nina Turner
    Our Revolution