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American Journal of Public Health:

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Dick — here’s more evidence that the NRA’s efforts to weaken our gun laws will put our communities at risk.

A new scientific study highlights the link between weakening state concealed carry laws and increased gun deaths. The NRA leadership will claim “fake news” and use their self-funded studies by disgraced academics to skew the data in their favor, but the numbers don’t lie.

The NRA has spent years and millions of dollars to tighten their grip on lawmakers in Congress and in State Capitols across the country. Their top legislative priority is “Concealed Carry Reciprocity,” which would gut your state’s gun laws and force the entire country to accept weaker concealed carry standards. It’s clear that the gun lobby’s “guns everywhere” agenda puts their own profits over the safety of our families and communities.

Dick, you, along with our 4 million gun sense advocates, will continue to fight back and put pressure on Congress to reject the NRA leadership’s dangerous agenda, their skewed data, and their efforts to weaken our gun laws. If we’re going to stand against the NRA’s lies, and defeat “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” in Congress, we’re going to need you to fuel our fight and DOUBLE your impact before the October 31 deadline.

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