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Frank Fox, Asheville NC great letter to editor in Citizen times

Published today:

Voting rights in 2018
North Carolina is still the national poster child for gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts. While the U.S. Supreme Court reviews judicial rulings on state GOP legislative and congressional district drawing that used racial and partisan political data, N.C. citizens and candidates are in limbo.
Moral Mondays leader Rev. William Barber recently said, “When you engage in intentional voter discrimination, you are robbing people of their equal protection under the law.” This week his Poor People’s Campaign sponsors its first Town Hall in Asheville, 7-9 p.m. Feb. 8, at Hill Street Baptist Church.
Last year Kansas professor Burdett Loomis called opposition to federal voting rights laws “a kind of soft secession.” In August 2016, many of North Carolina’s restrictions on voting were swept away in time for the presidential election, but gerrymandered districts remain.
In support of fair voting rights, Buncombe County’s new Progressive Democrat caucus is working toward “A transparent government that works for the equity and empowerment of all.” On Feb. 12, the Progressive Democrats invite the public to an open meeting 6:30-8 p.m. at Democratic Party HQ, 951 Old Fairview Road. For more information, contact
Frank Fox, Asheville

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