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  1. SLATE: “A Poll Tax in New Hampshire”

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    Trump and the GOP are escalating their war on voting rights, Friends:
    They are doing everything they can to undermine our fundamental right to vote. Slate is reporting that New Hampshire’s Republican legislature is poised to pass a law imposing steep fees on all voters who don’t have a New Hampshire driver’s license.

    It’s a modern-day poll tax, and it’s just the latest in widespread targeting on the right to vote. But it’s not just New Hampshire: Attacks like this are happening all over the country. We NEED to fight back NOW to protect the foundation of our democracy.

    That’s why our Voter Protection Project is on the ground working to restore voting rights and build a Democratic firewall against Trump’s destructive policies – but voter suppression could cost us our democracy if you don’t give RIGHT NOW! Take a look at your membership status:
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    Activate your VPP membership, and defend voting rights today: Give $5 or more right now, and a group of donors will MATCH your gift, dollar for dollar.
    If you’ve saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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  2. Jessica Carter, Organizing Manager and Mississippi resident Democracy for America

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    “Black people know what white people mean when they say, ‘law and order.'”

    Civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer spoke those words from her own harrowing experience during the days of the civil rights movement in the South. Her words eerily describe the current political state in this country led by the 45th President of the United States.

    From his early days on the presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump has expressed his hate for anything other than white male leadership, and has done everything in his power to tear down any source of empowerment for communities of color.

    Earlier this year, the city of Jackson, Mississippi made history by electing as its mayor one of the most progressive candidates seen in the state: Chokwe Lumumba. In the midst of the Lumumba administration moving Jackson forward with a progressive agenda, and becoming an example for cities throughout the country, the weight of Mississippi’s sordid history has again reared its ugly head.

    Today, the City of Jackson celebrates and honors trailblazers in the civil rights movement through the grand opening of two museums, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi History Museum.

    But on Tuesday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant announced that he extended an invitation to Donald Trump to attend these festivities. Trump accepted and showed up today — and Chokwe Lumumba and John Lewis refused to share a stage with him.

    Will you join DFA members in standing with Mayor Lumumba against Donald Trump and his visit?

    Mississippi has a very stained, very public history of systemic racism and oppressing communities of color, and the governor used his power to remind everyone that his mission is to follow Trump and keep Mississippi locked in the past that Fannie Lou Hamer denounced.

    Mississippians are in an uproar as Donald Trump, through his mere presence, aims to trample over a day set aside to celebrate people of color who fought tirelessly to make the state of Mississippi and the country a better place, and denouncing people like Trump.

    Mayor Lumumba has joined a growing list of elected officials protesting Donald Trump’s visit to Jackson today, including Congressman John Lewis. It is never acceptable to suppress the celebration of the contributions communities of color have made to this country by joining Trump at this event.

    Mayor Lumumba is a prime example of the importance of electing people of color, and why your support for candidates like Chokwe Lumumba matters. Will you sign the petition and stand with Mayor Lumumba and support his refusal to share a stage with disrespect, bigotry, and hate?

    Thank you for standing with Mayor Lumumba against Trump.

    – Jessica

    Jessica Carter, Organizing Manager and Mississippi resident
    Democracy for America

  3. One more Lord, help me get one more.

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    Number 83 was Nov. 18, on which I signed off : end of rope. Asking the Lord’s help
    several times since then has not helped. The number and frequency of all the harmful
    despicable, outrageous, immoral etc. he and they continue to do has paralyzed me.
    Just this week alone : donald and GOP openly supporting a pedophile for Senate,
    with rallies and $170,000 money. Promoting more war, with the Jerusalem decision,
    destroying any U.S. credibility. Don Jr. stonewalling at the hearings on the Russian
    connections to his father and others.The coming destruction of vast areas of two
    beautiful and pristine national monuments in Utah. Both of which I have been to. These
    in addition to the outrages in the 2 weeks after Thanksgiving.
    donald has created the fifty-first state in America. I am living in it, so I will name it.
    The state of Despair. All the protests, all the late night shows with thousands of jokes,
    all the horrified responses of real U.S. and world leaders… will not stop him/them. 3
    more vindictive,destructive years. Totally supported ,no matter what the nature of the
    outrages, by his 3 D’s. He is them. Them is he. For the first time in 13 years here, I
    can not go home for Christmas. I can not face my extended family of deplorables,
    delusionals, and deniers this Christmas. The juxtaposition of the concept of Christmas
    and what they are doing to our country and the Earth, is just too unbearable.
    My goal was 100 emails before Jan 20. I could do 200, but may not be able to get
    even 85. Too painful to even think about, much less write about.
    Rope tightening


    December 10, 2017 by admin

    Sign the Petition

    If Congress doesn’t act soon, 9 million children and hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers will lose health insurance.

    The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has been struggling to stay afloat since Congress failed to renew its funding two months ago. Now, Trump and his GOP cronies are demanding deep cuts in exchange for funding the program – meaning kids across the country could be cut off from care.

    It’s downright disgraceful that Republicans are playing political games with kids’ health care. We need 50,000 Democrats to stand up and demand that Congress fully fund CHIP right NOW:

  5. Renewables Are Starting to Crush Aging U.S. Nukes, Coal Plants By Naureen S Malik

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    Renewables Are Starting to Crush Aging U.S. Nukes, Coal Plants
    By Naureen S Malik
    November 2, 2017, 6:49 AM EDT
    Building wind farms often cheaper than running old coal plants
    Fluctuations in solar, wind power remain a challenge: Lazard

    Construction at a wind farm in Ohio. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg
    Building solar and wind farms has started to become a cheaper proposition than running aging coal and nuclear generators in parts of the U.S., according to financial adviser Lazard Ltd.

    Take wind: Building and operating a utility-scale farm costs $30 to $60 a megawatt-hour over its lifetime, and that can drop to as low as $14 when factoring in subsidies, according an annual analysis that Lazard’s been performing for a decade. Meanwhile, just keeping an existing coal plant running can cost $26 to $39 and a nuclear one $25 to $32.

    Two years ago, “what was interesting to us was the lifetime cost of renewables on an energy basis reached parity with conventional resources in a bunch of geographies in the U.S.,” said Jonathan Mir, head of the North American power group at Lazard. “Now, what we are seeing is that renewable technologies on a fully loaded basis are beating” existing coal and nuclear plants in some regions.

    The report by Lazard, whose estimates are widely used in the power sector as benchmarks, comes as President Donald Trump’s administration is vowing to stop the “war on coal” and put America’s miners back to work. Hundreds of power plants burning the fuel have shut in recent years amid escalating competition from natural gas, wind and solar. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has proposed rewarding coal and nuclear plants with extra payments for their dependability, touching off a national debate over the country’s future power mix.

    “We still need, in a modern grid, fuel diversification and a diverse generation stack,” Mir said. “So someone has to think hard about how to organize this transition.”

    The sudden swings in generation from wind and solar farms remain a challenge for power grid operators, he said. A modern system can handle renewables supplying about 30 percent of its power — and as much as 50 percent in some cases — but levels beyond that require storage technologies, he said.

    Early Retirements

    Gas has helped, backstopping intermittent solar and wind generation. And their combined decline in costs is rapidly changing the U.S. power mix, Mir said. Globally, renewables are set to almost double from last year to make up 51 percent of the mix by 2040, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The challenge of keeping open older plants has arrived faster than expected and more early retirements may ensue, he said.

    These days, the most efficient gas-fired plants now cost about $700 a kilowatt to build, down from $1,000 to $1,100 five years ago, Mir said. Rooftop solar remains expensive in the U.S., costing four to five times as much as a utility-sized solar farm.

    The drop in renewable energy costs is already changing how utilities operate, Mir said, using American Electric Power Co. as an example. Once the biggest burner of coal in the U.S., AEP is now planning to invest $4.5 billion in wind power and has said it could stop burning the fossil fuel altogether. “AEP is doing this because it is the cheapest way to provide energy,” he said.

  6. Michael Moore @MMFlint

    December 10, 2017 by admin


    December 8, 2017 by admin

    Where Does Occupy Wall Street Go From Here? …a proposal from Michael Moore

    Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


    This past weekend I participated in a four-hour meeting of Occupy Wall Street activists whose job it is to come up with the vision and goals of the movement. It was attended by 40+ people and the discussion was both inspiring and invigorating. Here is what we ended up proposing as the movement’s “vision statement” to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street:

    We Envision: [1] a truly free, democratic, and just society; [2] where we, the people, come together and solve our problems by consensus; [3] where people are encouraged to take personal and collective responsibility and participate in decision making; [4] where we learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of toleration and respect for diversity and the differing views of others; [5] where we secure the civil and human rights of all from violation by tyrannical forces and unjust governments; [6] where political and economic institutions work to benefit all, not just the privileged few; [7] where we provide full and free education to everyone, not merely to get jobs but to grow and flourish as human beings; [8] where we value human needs over monetary gain, to ensure decent standards of living without which effective democracy is impossible; [9] where we work together to protect the global environment to ensure that future generations will have safe and clean air, water and food supplies, and will be able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature that past generations have enjoyed.

    The next step will be to develop a specific list of goals and demands. As one of the millions of people who are participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement, I would like to respectfully offer my suggestions of what we can all get behind now to wrestle the control of our country out of the hands of the 1% and place it squarely with the 99% majority.

    Here is what I will propose to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street:

    10 Things We Want
    A Proposal for Occupy Wall Street
    Submitted by Michael Moore
    1. Eradicate the Bush tax cuts for the rich and institute new taxes on the wealthiest Americans and on corporations, including a tax on all trading on Wall Street (where they currently pay 0%).

    2. Assess a penalty tax on any corporation that moves American jobs to other countries when that company is already making profits in America. Our jobs are the most important national treasure and they cannot be removed from the country simply because someone wants to make more money.

    3. Require that all Americans pay the same Social Security tax on all of their earnings (normally, the middle class pays about 6% of their income to Social Security; someone making $1 million a year pays about 0.6% (or 90% less than the average person). This law would simply make the rich pay what everyone else pays.

    4. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, placing serious regulations on how business is conducted by Wall Street and the banks.

    5. Investigate the Crash of 2008, and bring to justice those who committed any crimes.

    6. Reorder our nation’s spending priorities (including the ending of all foreign wars and their cost of over $2 billion a week). This will re-open libraries, reinstate band and art and civics classes in our schools, fix our roads and bridges and infrastructure, wire the entire country for 21st century internet, and support scientific research that improves our lives.

    7. Join the rest of the free world and create a single-payer, free and universal health care system that covers all Americans all of the time.

    8. Immediately reduce carbon emissions that are destroying the planet and discover ways to live without the oil that will be depleted and gone by the end of this century.

    9. Require corporations with more than 10,000 employees to restructure their board of directors so that 50% of its members are elected by the company’s workers. We can never have a real democracy as long as most people have no say in what happens at the place they spend most of their time: their job. (For any U.S. businesspeople freaking out at this idea because you think workers can’t run a successful company: Germany has a law like this and it has helped to make Germany the world’s leading manufacturing exporter.)

    10. We, the people, must pass three constitutional amendments that will go a long way toward fixing the core problems we now have. These include:

    a) A constitutional amendment that fixes our broken electoral system by 1) completely removing campaign contributions from the political process; 2) requiring all elections to be publicly financed; 3) moving election day to the weekend to increase voter turnout; 4) making all Americans registered voters at the moment of their birth; 5) banning computerized voting and requiring that all elections take place on paper ballots.

    b) A constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not people and do not have the constitutional rights of citizens. This amendment should also state that the interests of the general public and society must always come before the interests of corporations.

    c) A constitutional amendment that will act as a “second bill of rights” as proposed by President Frankin D. Roosevelt: that every American has a human right to employment, to health care, to a free and full education, to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat safe food, and to be cared for with dignity and respect in their old age.

    Let me know what you think. Occupy Wall Street enjoys the support of millions. It is a movement that cannot be stopped. Become part of it by sharing your thoughts with me or online (at Get involved in (or start!) your own local Occupy movement. Make some noise. You don’t have to pitch a tent in lower Manhattan to be an Occupier. You are one just by saying you are. This movement has no singular leader or spokesperson; every participant is a leader in their neighborhood, their school, their place of work. Each of you is a spokesperson to those whom you encounter. There are no dues to pay, no permission to seek in order to create an action.

    We are but ten weeks old, yet we have already changed the national conversation. This is our moment, the one we’ve been hoping for, waiting for. If it’s going to happen it has to happen now. Don’t sit this one out. This is the real deal. This is it.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    Michael Moore

  7. Social Security has never added one penny to our debt.

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    The tax plan is just the first step in Republicans’ war on seniors. Speaker Paul Ryan just said that they’re coming “back next year at entitlement reform.” Sign the petition to Congress demanding that they stop attacking our earned benefits and reject a tax plan that triggers automatic cuts to Medicar

    Social Security has never added one penny to our deficit or our national debt. It has a $2.8 trillion surplus and can pay out 100% of benefits owed for the next 17 years and approximately 80% of benefits after that. Donald Trump was elected after promising not to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Yet, conservatives in Washington and on Wall Street consistently try to destroy our earned benefits.

    Now, Republicans are on the verge of passing a tax scam that―if passed―would add at least $1 trillion to our national debt, just to provide massive tax breaks to wealthy donors and big corporations, and trigger $400 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare over the next decade. And according to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, they’re just getting warmed up.

    Speaker Ryan indicated that the tax plan is just the first step toward making even bigger cuts to Medicare, as well as cutting Medicaid and Social Security:

    Paul Ryan: “We’re going to have to get back next year at entitlement reform.”1

    No one voted last November to cut our earned benefits! Yet that is exactly what Republicans are preparing to do. And passing their disastrous tax plan―which triggers $400 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare―is the first step.

    Sign the petition to all members of Congress demanding that they reject a tax plan that cuts Medicare, and that they stop their war on seniors and working families.

    We can still stop this tax plan and protect the future of Medicare. Democrats are unanimously on our side, and all we need is two more Republican Senators or 11 more Republican Representatives.

    The final vote is expected as early as next week. And it’s going to be close!

    Sign the petition today demanding all members of Congress reject the tax plan―the first step toward destroying Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!

    Thank you for standing up and making our voices heard.


    Michael Phelan
    Social Security Works

    1 Washington Post: Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018

    H Who We Are
    Social Security Works leads the fight every day to expand and protect our Social Security system. Become a member today.
    D Social Security Works: The Book
    From co-founders Nancy Altman & Eric Kingson, this book makes the powerful case that Social Security isn’t going broke and how expanding it will help us all.

  8. Kate Melges Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    Strengthen our movement to end corporate plastic pollution.
    ImageLet’s keep up the momentum!
    It’s that time of year when they come around again: those ads showing polar bears frolicking on the ice and having fun with Coca-Cola bottles. You know what my reaction to those ads is?

    Yes, the polar bears are awfully cute, but I can’t help thinking that the plastic in those bottles is going to poison real bears — and many other marine animals — and foul their environment for centuries.

    The movement to demand solutions to the plastics crisis is racking up victories, including city, state and national plastic bag bans. We’re gaining momentum, and we have to keep it up.

    Please support the movement and all our work to protect the environment by making a donation today.

    You know that for far too long, corporate executives have treated throwaway plastic like it’s the consumer’s problem, taking no responsibility for the damage their products cause. But now we have a chance to change that. Coca-Cola is about to announce a new global policy on plastics. We need to put pressure on Coca-Cola executives to ensure that they take responsibility for the damage the company has done, and reduce the damage it does in the future.

    Any gift you can make right now will greatly help our efforts to protect our oceans from plastic pollution and oil drilling, to stop public land from being given away to oil companies, and much more.

    We never take a dime from governments or from corporations. We depend on the support of donors like you. Please donate now.


    Kate Melges
    Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

  9. Robert Weissman President, Public Citizen

    December 10, 2017 by admin

    Take a few minutes to read through our overview of what we’ve been doing together — as part of this shared project called Public Citizen — to confront the Trump Regime in court.

    With our robust litigation strategy, we’re exposing Trump administration abuses.

    We’re slowing and, where possible, derailing the Trump administration’s extremist, corporate-friendly, anti-democratic agenda.

    We’re standing up for our Constitution and our liberties.

    If you can, please donate now — or even join our monthly giving program so we have the resources to keep holding the Trump administration accountable.

    Thank you for anything you can contribute!


    Update from Public Citizen


    The Trump administration is the most reckless and lawless in American history.

    That’s why we’re heading to the courts in a way we’ve never done before.

    Since Donald Trump took office just eight months ago, we’ve already filed a bushel of lawsuits against him and his administration.

    We are going to hold them to account.

    Ten days after he took office, we sued Trump in Public Citizen v. Donald J. Trump, to block Trump’s anti-regulatory Executive Order.
    We sued Betsy DeVos over her effort to roll back protections for students victimized by the fraud of for-profit colleges.
    We sued Ben Carson over his department’s suspension of a rule that would have assisted low-income families in securing affordable housing.
    We helped force the Justice Department to back down from a frightening plan to create a Trump enemies list.
    Representing 17 members of Congress, we sued under a government accountability law to gain access to information about the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. — a property that the president leases from the U.S. government, despite a specific contract term prohibiting such an arrangement.
    We sued the Trump administration to force it to release the names of people visiting key White House offices.
    We filed lawsuits under open records laws to obtain and make public Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency data, crucial chemical plant safety information, Ben Carson’s travel records and more.
    Earlier this week, on behalf of immigrant and civil rights groups, we sued to obtain a Homeland Security memo that urged the shutdown of a still-operating immigrant detention center subject to widespread complaints of abuse.
    On Friday, we filed an amicus brief on behalf of 10 consumer and civil rights groups concerned that Donald Trump is seeking to install an acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who thinks the agency is a “sick joke.”
    And that’s just a sampling of what we’ve been doing to hold the Trump administration accountable.

    Please contribute now — or even become a monthly donor — to fuel Public Citizen’s work to confront, block, obstruct and defeat the Trump administration.

    Donate now.

    Together, we’re going to stand up for democracy, for restraints on corporate abuse, for decency.


    Robert Weissman
    President, Public Citizen

  10. 9 million children and hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers will lose health insurance.

    December 9, 2017 by admin


    If Congress doesn’t act soon, 9 million children and hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers will lose health insurance.

    The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has been struggling to stay afloat since Congress failed to renew its funding two months ago. Now, Trump and his GOP cronies are demanding deep cuts in exchange for funding the program – meaning kids across the country could be cut off from care.

    It’s downright disgraceful that Republicans are playing political games with kids’ health care. We need 50,000 Democrats to stand up and demand that Congress fully fund CHIP right NOW:
    Sign the Petition