Tell Hotel Chains:“Publicly refuse to let ICE use your properties as jails for immigrants..”ADD YOUR NAMErichard,Hotels are enabling Trump’s mass deportations.It’s time we use our power as customers and consumers to expose the dangerous collaboration between hotels and ICE and demand that hotel chains stop working with ICE immediately.Trump’s racist administration is planning to round up more immigrants than traditional detention centers can hold, so ICE is planning to collaborate with budget hotel chains to turn hotels into temporary jails.We need to send these hotels a message: This isn’t an ordinary booking. This is collaborating with fascism, and consumers won’t tolerate it.ADD YOUR NAME: Tell hotel chains to publicly refuse to let ICE use your properties as jails for immigrants!Dehumanizing immigrants, rounding them up and detaining them indefinitely are all clear signs of what horrors could come next. To stop Trump’s hateful regime, we must form a firm line of defense and use all the tools at our disposal to undermine his plans and weaken his deportation force. Getting hotels to stop letting ICE use their properties as jails for immigrants could make a huge difference.Send a message: Hotels that collaborate with ICE will lose business.Thanks,Mike Phelan
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