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October 18, 2017 by admin

This is stunning: a new Fox News poll shows Democrat Doug Jones and right-wing extremist Roy Moore are tied 42%-42% in the upcoming U.S. Senate special election in Alabama.

Doug Jones took on the KKK and won. Roy Moore is a racist, anti-gay radical who was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court twice for his hateful views.

Democracy for America is supporting Doug Jones’s run for U.S. Senate not just because his opponent is unfit to serve — but because he has the progressive track record the Democratic Party needs in this key Senate race in the Deep South.

Polls show we can stop Roy Moore from going to the U.S. Senate. Chip in $3 or more to help DFA elect Doug Jones in the Alabama special election!

Just last week, we learned even more about Roy Moore’s extremism: it emerged that in 2010, he signed onto a resolution supporting states’ ability to nullify federal laws. This is the same theory that slaveowners and their supporters espoused before and during the Civil War.

Oh, and Roy Moore’s foundation hosted pro-Confederate “Secession Day” events in 2009 and 2010.

By contrast, Doug Jones has spent his life fighting for racial and economic justice. He comes from a union family of steelworkers and miners. He grew up working class in Fairfield, Alabama, and went to law school because he wanted to be a part of the solution in working for a more just, free, and equitable country.

As a civil rights attorney, Doug Jones successfully won the long-overdue conviction of the KKK members who murdered four little Black girls — while they were attending Sunday School — in the 1963 bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

We have to be clear: this is still going to be an uphill battle. But the poll shows a path to victory. If Democratic Party candidates run authentically on their values, prioritize and invest in voters of color, and build strong grassroots organizing operation, we can reverse the right-wing trend.

Polls show a Democratic, KKK-fighting civil rights attorney named Doug Jones can stop Roy Moore from becoming the next U.S. Senator from Alabama. Will you help? Chip in $3 or more to elect Doug Jones in Alabama!

Thank you for joining this crucial campaign.

– Robert

Robert Cruickshank, Senior Campaign Manager
Democracy for America



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