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Jacky Rosen for Congress

November 9, 2017 by admin

– Today marks just one year to go until election day. 365 days isn’t a lot in what will be one of the most important and competitive Senate races in the country.

Will you watch my video message, then share it with friends so they can get on board?
Click here to watch my one year to go video message >>
I worked as a waitress to put myself through college and was the first person in my family to graduate. I know the value of hard work, and I’ll always work hard for the people I represent. Nevadans are ready for a Senator who will listen to them and put their concerns first – starting with protecting their health care.

Our race could determine Senate control, so you can be sure we’ll be a top Republican target. We’ll need your grassroots support throughout the next year to come out on top.

Watch the video now, then share with friends and family and ask them to join our team!

Thank you,


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