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Alex Lawson Social Security Works PA

December 6, 2017 by admin

We are putting everything we have into defeating the tax scam, which will cut taxes for billionaires like Donald Trump, his family, and big corporations, and trigger an automatic $400 billion cut to Medicare. There are still massive differences between the House bill and the Senate bill, and each chamber will likely have to vote again before this becomes a law.

Throughout the Trumpcare fight, and now in the tax scam fight, our strategy has been the same: Make sure every Senate Democrat votes no, and then flip 3 Republicans. But what if we only needed to flip 2?

There is a special election in Alabama next week, and the polls show it as neck-and-neck between Roy Moore, the Republican, and Doug Jones, the Democrat. If elected, Jones will fight to protect and expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And then we’d only need 2 Republicans to stop the tax scam!

Social Security Works PAC is proud to endorse Doug Jones for this seat. Can you chip in to flip this seat?

Republicans like Marco Rubio are already saying that their next move after the tax scam will be cutting Social Security and Medicare. But if a Democrat is elected in Alabama, our chances of stopping them go through the roof.

We are fighting the tax scam with everything we’ve got. But nothing we do can have as much impact as electing Doug Jones to the Senate next week.

Can you chip in to turn a sure-fire “yes” for the tax scam into a “no”?

Thank you for standing with us.

Alex Lawson
Social Security Works PAC

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