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Wendy Carrillo Assemblymember-elect, California’s 51st

December 6, 2017 by admin

Richard —

My name is Wendy Carrillo and I was just elected to the California legislature last night, thanks to the early and strong support of DFA members like you.

Yesterday was a huge win for the progressive movement! After months of hard work, our campaign won the special election in Los Angeles, California for the 51st Assembly District.

Take Action!
DFA’s Alejandro Chavez, State Sen. Kevin de León, and Wendy Carrillo getting out the vote

Because DFA endorsed me early on, we were able to build a grassroots campaign that became a truly inclusive movement. Our campaign brought together DFA members, elected officials, unions, college students, high school students, and countless other community groups to help us win.

I came to this country as an undocumented immigrant. I’ve spent my life organizing for change and to make my community a better place. Now I am headed to one of the most powerful state legislatures in the nation — and I couldn’t have done it without DFA’s help.

DFA members helped make more than 20,000 calls. For GOTV weekend DFA sent a staffer to help in the final stretch.

But the biggest support was that DFA and its members believed in me right out the gate.

Campaigning is hard work. Countless nights of canvassing, phone banking, community events, and other events can be exhausting. Knowing that DFA was there for me kept me moving forward.

DFA members made my victory possible. Will you help elect more progressives like me? Chip in $3 or more to help DFA support grassroots candidates across America in 2018.

I am excited to get to Sacramento and start fighting for action on climate change, free college, single-payer healthcare, and a slew of other urgent progressive issues and bills. But I cannot do it alone and we cannot just do it in California.

If we are going to take our movement to the next level and bring real change to people’s lives we need to elect progressives up and down the ballot, from East LA to VA.

There are candidates out there like me who can reflect and represent our communities and win elections — but they need the kind of early support that you gave to me.

We need DFA members like you on the front lines supporting candidates and standing side by side with campaigns in the trenches.

The 2018 election is our opportunity to not just stop Trump and his Republican Party — it’s our chance to move this country in a much more progressive direction. Can you chip in $3 or more to help DFA give crucial early support to candidates like me?

Thank you so much for everything you did to help me win this amazing victory last night. Let’s go help other fantastic candidates win in 2018.

– Wendy

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