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Chris Carr Deputy Political Director Everytown for Gun Safety

January 12, 2018 by admin

it is now 2018.

Both chambers of Congress are back in session, there are bad gun bills on the table that need to be stopped, and NRA leadership is DESPERATE. Why? Because time is running out to get their extremist “guns everywhere” agenda on President Trump’s desk — and with YOUR help, we can continue to shut them down.

Right now, the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017” is awaiting a vote in the Senate, and the SHARE Act — a bill that would gut gun silencer safety requirements — could move through the House at any moment. NRA leadership NEEDS these wins and the gun lobby will spend whatever it takes to ensure 2018 goes their way.

But we’re here, fighting them every step of the way. When we work together, Dick, we can accomplish incredible things. That’s why we need your support: Donate $25 or more right now, and help us stop these dangerous gun bills from reaching President Trump’s desk!

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately by clicking the links below:

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Together, we’ve loosened the NRA’s chokehold on legislatures in all 50 states, helping to enact gun safety laws, and defeating NRA-backed proposals that would gut our existing commonsense laws. Now that Congress is back in session, we’re going to be pushing harder than ever to stop these bills from being passed — while also laying the foundation to elect new gun sense champions up and down the ballot in 2018, from the Halls of Congress to State Houses across the country.

We’re letting Members of Congress know that if they don’t vote on the side of gun violence prevention, we’re going to work to vote them out of office. And without their cronies in Congress, the NRA leadership won’t be able to put their profits over the safety of our families and communities.

But to do that, we need you to step up: Fuel our fight with a donation of $25 right now, and help us stop these dangerous bills in their tracks.

Thank you for taking a stand with us.

Chris Carr
Deputy Political Director
Everytown for Gun Safety

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