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Wonder why your drug prices are so high

May 15, 2018 by admin

When Donald Trump was running for President, he proposed to let Medicare negotiate lower drug prices. He stated at the time that anyone who opposed that tactic was in Big Pharma’s pocket.

When Trump became President, the pharmaceutical corporation Novartis entered into a secret $1.2 million contract with Michael Cohen, Trump’s corrupt lawyer. Novartis has been involved in a global bribery scandal that ousted their previous CEO, in each country, working to prevent government efforts to lower drug prices.

Last week, Big Pharma got what they paid for: Donald Trump broke his promise on Medicare and drug prices, and sent Pharma stocks soaring. This is why drug prices are so high. Corrupt Pharmaceutical corporations are spending their money protecting their profits.

This isn’t how our country should work. Drug prices are already too high. Medicare negotiation is one of the best tools we have to lower them. Click here to fight back!

After paying Trump’s lawyer $1.2 million in secret payments, Novartis’ CEO had dinner with Donald Trump in January, ahead of Trump’s pharma speech. Big Pharma thinks they can buy their way out of accountability.

Thank you for fighting with us,

Michael Phelan
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