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May 16, 2018 by admin

Every reason donald gave for violating the agreement between the U.S. and 5
other nations( including Russia and China) was a lie. Either omission or bald face.
Only two real reasons – a campaign promise to his 3 D’s, and that Obama put it
together and signed for the U.S. All those hugs and kisses and hand holding by
The French president… wasted. Trump, the back stabber. Every responsible world
leader, and his own intel agencies asked him to keep a deal that was working for
both countries. No, Hump knows more than they all do. You know, like Adolf at
Dunkirk, Stalingrad, Normandy. So now all of Iran is shouting death to America
again, instead of opposing their own gov’t, and wanting to become more in step with
the world outside of Lump. Yes, Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo will probably get their
excuse for the “Iran War” before end of 2018.
When Kim sent a delegation to the Winter Olympics, people were surprised and
wondering what he was up to. Before they were over, I wrote a 5 step plan of action
that Kim would follow in the coming months. Then buried it for the next 28 emails on
more current topics. Here it is :
1. Participate with S. Korea in Olympics.( The other 4 were my predictions at the time)
2. Propose an historic meeting with S. Korea.
3. Propose meeting with Trump, now that Kim had N. Bombs that could soon reach
most of U.S., in addition to Japan and our Pacific bases.
4. Propose to end testing, since no longer needed. Release some U.S. hostages as
Asian show of good faith. ( Both he and father did it when thay wanted something).
5. Propose American and world economic aid, and promise that we would never attempt
any kind of regime change, military or otherwise. What does Trump/ U.S. get….”0″
An empty, and irrelevant promise not to attack us. All a dictator wants is to remain in
power. Annihilation is never a part of that plan !

When the smiles, hugs, kisses are done, Kim goes home a hero. Has his Nukes.
Made a POTUS come to meet with him as an equal, and bested him in art of the deal.
America loses face in whole of Asian world. Trump claims it is all because of his
leadership, and skill at deal making. GOP lobbies hard for Nobel Peace Prize. He
humbly accepts in the name of his deplorables, delusionals, and deniers ! Making
A. Great Again. Yes, Trump will fall for the “bait and Switch” !
Sees all
Knows all

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