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Voter ID Coming Back?

June 12, 2018 by admin

Back in 2013, North Carolina Republicans passed one of the strictest voter suppression laws in the country. Their legislation required certain kinds of ID to vote in person, eliminated same-day registration, cut back on early voting, and restricted out of precinct voting. Thankfully, a Federal court overturned this law in 2016, stating it “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

But North Carolina Republicans haven’t given up their fight to suppress votes in our state. Last week, we learned of a plan to put voter ID on the ballot in November. While Republicans claim these laws are necessary to prevent voter fraud, an audit by the State Board of Elections found only one case out of 4.8 million would have been prevented by photo ID.

If this issue passes the General Assembly, we need to make sure voters turn out in record numbers in November to protect our rights. We’re not waiting to find out what else Republicans might put on the ballot – we’re organizing now. Find an event below and join us to learn how you can help register voters, motivate your neighbors, and help us get more Democrats elected in November.

Curious how amending the North Carolina Constitution works? See Democracy 101 at the end of the email.

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