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Anita Earle for the Supreme Court NC

June 12, 2018 by admin



Dear Richard,
In the past two weeks, I’ve traveled from Hendersonville to Hertford working hard to get my message out to voters everywhere. I am encouraged by the fact that so many people agree that we need a fair and impartial court and they are working hard to be involved.  Unfortunately right now in Raleigh we are seeing the results of an unrepresentative political process that doesn’t give every vote equal weight.  Indeed, our current state legislature was elected from districts that the US Supreme Court has ruled are racially discriminatory.  That’s why I want voters in every corner of North Carolina to know I am with them and know that every voice matters in our democracy.
As filing day approaches, I’ll need your help to keep the momentum going for my campaign. Will you set a recurring monthly contribution of $20.18 or any amount you can spare to support our campaign?
Thank you for your support,

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