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June 12, 2018 by admin

alliance for american manufacturing
Hi Richard & Norma,

Senate Republicans are putting forth an amendment endorsed by the Koch brothers to let China off the hook for its trade cheating. We need to let them know we’re watching.

Here’s the situation: After trying and failing last week, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and his allies are trying to sneak into law legislation that would make it more difficult to act against trade cheating by countries like China or Russia.

TELL YOUR SENATORS: Stand with American workers! DO NOT support the Corker Anti-Trade Enforcement Legislation.

This sudden concern over trade is rich, coming from the career politicians behind this effort. Congress has ignored trade enforcement for years. It failed to launch investigations into China’s chronic trade cheating, and has failed to implement serious penalties for unfair trade practices.

Now Senate Republicans are swooping in on behalf of the arch-conservative Koch network and its big business allies to prevent any action that will help working class Americans.

If this plan succeeds, trade enforcement efforts by any president will be bogged down in Congress, which could be disastrous during a national security crisis.

Americans in places like Granite City, Ill., who finally have their jobs back after facing years of layoffs, will once again find themselves out of work.

And cheats like the authoritarian Chinese and Russian governments will skate.

Tell your Senators to oppose this terrible legislation.


AAM Action Team

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