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BREAKING: Senate Democrats introduce bill to move Election Day to the weekend

October 10, 2017 by admin


50,000 CO-SPONSORS NEEDED: Sign to Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Weekend Voting Act →

BREAKING: Senate Democrats introduce bill to move Election Day to the weekend

Passing this bill would get WAY more Democrats to the polls. We could finally take back Congress!!

So we need 50,000 Citizen Co-Sponsors THIS WEEK to support this critical bill.

Supporter: Richard Warren
Petition Signature: PENDING
If you care about taking back Congress, sign to Citizen Co-Sponsor the Weekend Voting Act right now:

Richard, this is serious:

In 2016, only 58% of eligible voters went to the polls and cast their vote.

The result? Donald Trump is President and Republicans control Congress.

Democrats have a simple solution to get more folks out to vote: moving Election Day to the first full weekend of November.

That could lead to a Progressive Voter Turnout WAVE!!!

Will you sign on as a Citizen Co-Sponsor right now?

The Weekend Voting Act’s sponsor, Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, sums it up perfectly:

Tuesday voting is an outdated, arcane practice that stands in the way of greater voter participation – Democratic Senator Jack Reed

That’s why we’re recruiting 50,000 Citizen Co-Sponsors to provide crucial momentum to push this bill through Congress.

Because reducing obstacles to voting for ordinary Americans will make it easier for everyone to participate in our democracy.

And with crucial elections on the horizon in 2018, we need to raise as many Citizen Co-Sponsors as we can IMMEDIATELY. Add your name today:

Thanks for doing your part,

– The Progressive Turnout Project

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