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November 9, 2017 by admin

WOW, what a night!

Because of you — and Democracy for America members like you from coast to coast — progressive champions won game-changing victories tonight, creating historic momentum for the inclusive populism that will define how progressive Democrats can win big in 2018.

In Virginia tonight, DFA members fueled the victory of Justin Fairfax in his historic race for Lieutenant Governor — only the second Black candidate ever elected to statewide office in Virginia. Justin’s huge win was driven by a multiracial grassroots coalition, including DFA and Indivisible volunteers on the ground and on DFA Dialer — the largest national volunteer-led calling program in the country focused on mobilizing sporadic Democratic voters to the polls.

In a significant shift in power in Virginia’s House of Delegates, as of right now 14 out of 16 DFA-endorsed candidates — including progressive fighters like Jennifer Carroll Foy, Donte Tanner, Chris Hurst, Jennifer Boysko, and Hala Ayala — have defeated NRA-backed candidates in several critical races, setting the stage for Democrats potentially taking back control of the chamber.

Of particular note in Virginia are the history-making victories of Danica Roem, who will be the nation’s first transgender state legislator, and Elizabeth Guzman, who will be the first Latina and one of the first first-generation immigrants to serve in the Virginia General Assembly.

Tonight’s huge victories for inclusive populism demonstrate how Democrats and progressives can win in 2018. Will you chip in $3 or more to help DFA organize to defeat Donald Trump’s Republican Party?

DFA members didn’t just make history in Virginia — we are making history in states and cities across the country.

In Washington State, DFA members are on the verge of flipping control of the State Senate to Democrats by potentially electing Manka Dhingra tonight. DFA spent more than $150,000 on an independent expenditure in Washington to turn out progressive voters. As the New York Times explained over the weekend, this will enable a “grand agenda” of progressive ideas to take shape on the West Coast.

Driven by small-dollar donations by DFA members, DFA has invested vital resources in down-ballot races to elect city-level candidates who are the powerhouse of our democracy — and the future of progressive politics.

Tonight, we saw DFA-endorsed progressive champions win big in their campaigns to change cities across the country. In Charlotte, Vi Lyles defeated an anti-LGBTQ rightwing Republican and became the first Black woman elected as Mayor in the city. And, in Philadelphia, Larry Krasner won a huge race for District Attorney and will begin to take on the racist criminal justice system.

The common theme in the victories of DFA-endorsed candidates: strong leaders who ran boldly on a progressive agenda, made meaningful investments in organizing, and relentlessly worked to earn the votes of the New American Majority — young people, people of color, and white progressives.

This is how we will win in 2018 — and there are several amazing DFA-endorsed candidates running for Congress, for Governor, and other key offices who are employing exactly that strategy.

Whether it’s Randy Bryce, running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin; Stacey Abrams, running for Governor in Georgia; Kevin de León, running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein in a game-changing Democratic primary in California; Mary Matiella, running for Congress in a key Arizona swing seat, or other progressives you will get to know in the weeks and months ahead, these candidates know that the path to victory is rooted in inspiring a broader group of voters to fight for a bold vision of a better future.

That’s how progressives won tonight across America — and it’s how we’ll win next year. Will you help? Chip in $3 or more to help DFA elect more bold progressive champions in 2018!

Thank you for everything you did to help win in 2017 — and everything I know you’ll do to win in 2018!

– Charles

Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director
Democracy for America


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