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From Heartsaw Ridge, just outside of Marion, NC :

November 8, 2017 by admin

From Heartsaw Ridge, just outside of Marion, NC :
One more Lord, help me to get down … one more…

Issue : Opioid Crisis A drug epidemic that has killed more, mostly WHITE, Americans
in 2016, than in the 10 years of VN War, has come to attention of the donald admn. He
promised, both before the election and after, that he would help solve the problem.

Solution : He proposed/promised both times to declare a National Emergency. That
would have freed up Fed funds, including FEMA reserves, into the 10’s of $millions

In-action : In yet another bait-and-switch, the Big Lie technique, smoke-and-mirror
tactic that is his M.O. and brand he said, ” Got ya, again ! ” To fantastic fanfare,
the TV cameras in front for the unreality show that is his regime, and his spineless
enablers beaming behind, he did sign something. A ” Public Health emergency ” ,
far from what he promised. That fund had less than $ 100K, for 2.3,000,000 people.
Besides all that FED money, the cornerstone of his help for middle class Whites
will be a national campaign of ” Just Say No” advertisements using the same social
media the Russians used to help get him elected the actual POTUS ! I’m not making
this up. Talk about Irony. Do you think he even knows who Nancy Reagan was ???

Commentary : donald to the world, ” It’s not about them or the country. It’s all about ME
and MY Show ! MAGA ! Next stop for the Show….Asia, it will be HUGE! “

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