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June 12, 2018 by admin

Note: A rare opportunity to strike a blow against Rio Grande LNG
NextDecade is the parent company for Rio Grande LNG, the Rio Bravo Pipeline, and Galveston Bay LNG (  Right now, we have a great opportunity to take it down a notch or two or three.  
On 06-04-2018, the Kaskela law firm announced it was opening an investigation of NextDecade on behalf of NextDecade sock holders (  On 06-08-2019, our local KVEO Channel 23 did a news story on the Kaskela investigation of NextDecade (
NextDecade has its Annual Stockholders meeting scheduled for 06-15-2018.  On 04-27-2018, a small group demonstrated in front of NextDecade’s corporate headquarters against fracking and against Rio Grande LNG (
NextDecade has not been upfront with its stockholders about the extent of our local opposition to its proposed Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipeline projects. Let’s knock on NextDecade’s front door again during its 06-15-2018 Annual Stockholders Meeting to let the stockholder know NextDecade hasn’t been upfront with them about the opposition to its proposed projects at our local Port of Brownsville.
Important: The exporting of LNG from our Port will encourage the fracking of northern Mexico’s Burgos Basin, just the other side of the Rio Grande River from McAllen, about 100 mile from the Port of Brownsville.  For an update on the Burgos Basin, go to
Table of Contents:
1) 06-15-2018 Rally for a Frack Free Next Decade in front of NextDecade’s corporate headquarters in The Woodlands, TX.


2) 06-18-2018 SAVE RGV from LNG Brownsville Meeting
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1) 06-15-2018 Rally for a Frack Free Next Decade!

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