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April 16, 2018 by admin

Table of Contents:
04-16-2018 SAVE RGV from LNG Brownsville meeting, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
04-17-2018 Brownsville Navigation District Candidates’ Forum, Brownsville, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
(Relevant to all who live in the Rio Grande Valley)


04-28-2018 UTRGV Environmental Studies Club 4th Annual RGV Climate March in McAllen, 2:00 to 6:00 pm
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04-16-2018 SAVE RGV from LNG Brownsville Meeting
6:30 to 8:30 pm at the WorkPub, 847 East Elizabeth Street
See Facebook event page at
This is a meeting to plan for a big event we have coming up on (or around) April 30th.
We will also paint and create some art work for the big event!
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04-17-2018 Brownsville Navigation District Candidates’ Forum
For the reasons this is important for everyone living in the Rio Grande Valley area – from McAllen to Raymondville to South Padre Island — see the list of cities and reasons down below the announcement about the 04-28-2017 RGV Climate March. 
Most important, this is a chance to tell the candidates running for TWO Port Commissioner positions your concerns and to size them up.  Only those living in the Brownsville Navigation District can vote in the election, but everyone can contribute time and money to the candidate of their choice, and alert their family members and friends living in the District about the upcoming May 5th winner-take all election.
This forum is hosted by the League of Women Voters – Rio Grande Valley and by Citizens Against Voter Abuse (CAVA).  For additional information, see the Facebook event page at
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4th Annual RGV Climate March in McAllen 04-28-2018
Starts at 2:00 pm at the McAllen City Hall, ends up at Archer Park
For more information, see the Facebook event page at

Stand for environmental justice and celebrate the rise of climate awareness!

Theme is “Progress Begins with You”, or “El Progreso Comienza Contigo”.

We will congregate at McAllen City Hall at 2:00 PM where we will make noise with our songs, chants, and drums. An inviting, inspiring speaker will greet us and we will begin our march to Archer Park where we will have public speakers, activities, live music, and more!

This family friendly event will be celebrating the climate movement and will include inspiring stories, lessons, and ideas to raise climate awareness!

Timed to coincide with the People’s Climate March of NYC.

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Why the 04-17-2018 Port Commissioner Candidate Forum in Brownsville is important to all who live in the Rio Grande Valley from McAllen to Raymondville to South Padre Island to Brownsville:

We need for them to hear about our concerns about the harmful air pollution, natural and oil pipelines, and oil and condensate trains project at and planned at the Port are bringing our way.

Live in Port Isabel, South Padre Island, Laguna Vista, Long Island Village?

This is the Port that’s welcomed Rio Grande LNG, Annova LNG, and Texas LNG here even though Port Isabel, Laguna Vista, South Padre Island, and Long Island Village passed resolutions opposing LNG here back in 2015.  These LNG and other operations at or planned for our Port will hurt tourism (including birding, ecotourism, and active tourism) and our commercial and recreational fishing (including shrimping).  Etc.

Live in Brownsville or Los Fresnos?

This is also the Port that’s brought us the Valley Crossing Pipeline that being built to take natural gas to Mexico — two Los Fresnos public schools in its Blast Zone. And it looks like the Port’s bringing the Jupiter oil pipeline down our way along a similar path as well (

Live in Raymondville, Harlingen, San Benito, Rancho Viejo, Olmito, Brownsville?

This is also the Port that could bring two condensate trains rumbling along the Union Pacific Railroad Track, on their way to a proposed JupiterMPL Heavy Condensate Upgrader Facility there (  120 rail tanker cars each, each full of highly flammable condensate.

Live in McAllen or Pharr?

Exporting LNG and petroleum products from the Port of Brownsville will encourage the fracking of Mexico’s Burgos Basin shale play just the other side of the Rio Grande River from McAllen.  And the oil and gas will go from the Burgos to our Port by pipeline and by rail on our side of the Rio Grande River (to protect it from the Mexican cartels).

Live in the Rio Grande Valley?

A lot of projects at or planned for the Port could seriously dirty our air — contributing to health problems from shortly after we’re conceived in our mother’s womb until our final breaths.

So we need to make sure the Port Commissioner Candidates hear all of our concerns about:

1) harmful air pollution,
2) dangerous pipelines, and
3) dangerous condensate, oil, and Hazardous Material trains

up and down our Rio Grande Valley.

They need to hear from all of us, not just from those of us who live in the Brownsville Navigation District.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

The path of the Jupiter oil pipeline from the Orla Terminal in West Texas down to our Port.  It’s scheduled

to start delivering oil to the Jupiter Crude Upgrader and Processing Facility at our Port in 2019.

Pate 2 of a Fact Sheet on the emissions Rio Grande LNG itself says it will be putting into our air here.

Two of our local communities (Port Isabel and Laguna Vista) as well as others (including SAVE RGV

from LNG and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid)  have filed for Contested Hearings on the requested permits

because of the seriousness of our concerns.


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