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Hello Kool Kenilworthians!

February 11, 2018 by admin

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Hello Kool Kenilworthians!

It gives me great pleasure to present KRA’s 2018 Board members to you, noted below. In the spirit of Collaborative Governance, which the board adopted last year, we now have two Co-Presidents! Wooo Hooo, alright, awesome – high 5’s all around! More voices = better solutions. Also attached are the minutes from the General Membership meeting on Jan. 22nd.

2018 Board:

Lisa Grant Co-President
Steven Joiner Co-President
Virginia Bower Secretary
Hope Butterworth Treasurer
Cris Harshman Webmaster
Carolyn Tingle Director
Section Representatives:

Darren Dahl Duke SR
Martha McKay Duke SR
Jen Kaylor Lakewood/Chiles SR
Lakewood/Chiles SR
Gary Schwartz Caledonia SR
Sherry Ney Caledonia SR
Castle/Warwick SR
Castle/Warwick SR
Cindy Stephens Sherwood/Wyoming SR
Mark Mickey Sherwood/Wyoming SR
Aurora/Beaucatcher SR
Aurora/Beaucatcher SR
As you can see, there are some Section Representative openings available: Sections not yet fully represented include: Lakewood/Chiles (1), Castle Warwick (2) and Aurora/Beaucatcher (2). If this opportunity is of interest or you wish for more information, contact the general kra email at: .

It has been an honor and privilege for me to have served this community over these last 7 years. My takeaway is that it’s been a wild and wonderful adventure with twists and turns along the way with lots of learning opportunities sprinkled on top …. you know, like LIFE… Ha! Funny how that works. Stay posted, Kenilworth Koolness will continue with this awesome board and all their energy & percolating ideas.

Here’s to Kenilworth which is totally Kool because of the people who live here – YOU! Much love to this community and each one of you.


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