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Our Revolution

June 18, 2017 by admin

It was great seeing many of you last weekend at the People’s Summit in Chicago. Still more of you tuned in to watch Bernie’s speech from home, or got out the vote for Tom Perriello and our progressive slate of candidates running in the Virginia primary. Every one of you made a difference, and it is when we come together that we are strong.

Working as one united movement is precisely what we must do going forward. Our Revolution has four main planks that contribute to our work:

We unify to organize and build local power
Cultivate, nominate, and support electoral candidates and ballot initiatives
Work collectively around national issue campaigns
Work inside and outside political parties to build power
In order to put our progressive values into practice, each plank of this work is vital. There are phenomenal candidates running for school board, city council, and county commissioner, but it’s only through a grassroots infrastructure that we can effectively identify, support, and advocate on their behalf. The same is true for ballot initiatives—groups that can organize, collect petitions, and pass them with voter support hinge on the work we do together. Each local group is autonomous in how they choose to engage in the above issues, but most importantly: we are all growing this movement together.

We’re fighting for national issues like Medicare for All, comprehensive immigration reform, and a $15 minimum wage. And while only a few years ago people would have called us crazy for trying, these causes all now enjoy the support of the majority of the American people.

There are hundreds of Our Revolution local groups active across the states, in Puerto Rico, and internationally. We’re working towards our common goal of representation for the many, not the few. And though we’ve only been active in an official capacity for a few months, the hard work that you’ve put in laid the foundation for the victories that we’ve achieved together.

Please visit our interactive map to find a local group near you, or start one of your own.

We’re looking forward to what the future holds.

In solidarity,

Kyle Machado
Organizing Director
Our Revolution

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