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Tom Sutcliffe on pro-democracy uprisings in the workplace

June 17, 2017 by admin

Tom Sutcliffe on pro-democracy uprisings in the workplace
Posted: March 1, 2011 | Author: workplacedemocracy | Filed under: Democratic Principles, workplace democracy | Tags: bosses and democracy, democracy at work, Democratic Principles, workplace democracy |Leave a comment
Tom Sutcliffe, a columnist at The Independent, makes an interesting comparison between the dictatorial conditions that people in the Middle East are currently protesting and the similar atmosphere which we westerners willingly work under work each day.

Sutcliffe mentions that “it seems odd that people will endure, within the framework of a firm or an institution, a degree of subjection and speechlessness that would strike them as insufferable at the level of citizenship.”

He concludes by hinting that “office tyrannies” might end up becoming the target of mass uprisings not unlike those that we have been witnessing in the Middle East.

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