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White supremacists are on the march again in Virginia –

October 12, 2017 by admin


White supremacists are on the march again in Virginia — and the Republican Party there is embracing and enabling their message.

Last Saturday, Richard Spencer and his mob of white nationalists returned to Charlottesville and took to the streets once again with torches in hand, just weeks after a leftist activist was murdered there for standing up to white supremacy.

Spencer told the crowd that the people of Virginia “are going to have to get used to white identity.” And USA Today reported that the pop-up march “could provide a blueprint for future controversial protests across the nation even as livid political leaders struggle to halt the demonstrations they consider racist.”

Spencer’s visit comes amid an extremely close statewide election in Virginia — where Donald Trump and his Republican Party have been using racism and overt appeals to white supremacy to try and win. After all, back in August, Donald Trump wouldn’t condemn the racist march Charlottesville. He’s said nothing about this weekend’s march either.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity next month to show progressive strength in Virginia and fight white supremacy.

On November 7, Virginia will elect a new state government, and Democracy for America is helping progressive candidates build strong campaigns on a platform of racial and economic justice to win in competitive races up and down the ballot. Will you help power DFA’s grassroots organizing to win?

Can you chip in $3 or more to fuel DFA’s crucial electoral organizing in Virginia so we can take back the streets — and the state government — from white supremacists and the Republican Party that embraces them?

It’s clear that white nationalists think that they can gain power in Virginia and across the country at this turbulent moment. It is going to take an organized movement of anti-racist progressives to shut them down — in the streets and at the ballot box.

Donald Trump and the party he leads have openly embraced white supremacy since well before last year’s election — and that is especially true in Virginia, where they are using racist attacks to try to take down progressives and people of color. Here are just a few examples:

Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie is running attack ads against the Democratic candidate claiming he’s tied to gang members, ads that were labeled “misleading” by non-partisan fact-checkers and racist by immigration advocates.
Donald Trump has tweeted his support for Virginia Republicans, fueled in part by their decision to make protecting Confederate statues a core part of their campaigns.
Republicans are sending racist mail pieces to Virginia voters, using slurs to refer to immigrants and claiming they’re linked to gun violence.
In a debate last week, a dog-whistling Republican candidate stated that Justin Fairfax — a Duke and Columbia-educated prosecutor who, if elected, would be only the second Black person ever elected to statewide office in Virginia — could not “talk intelligently” about the issues that matter to voters.
It’s clear that Republicans in Virginia are fully embracing Trump’s white supremacist campaign tactics in order to win elections. And if we let them get away with it, Republicans everywhere will follow suit — and reinforce white supremacy in office.

Justin Fairfax and DFA’s slate of progressive candidates are running on a platform of economic and racial justice. They reflect the diversity of their communities and their state. If they win in a crucial Southern state like Virginia, it would be a huge victory for the resistance — and a blow against white supremacy.

DFA members are already working hard to help Justin Fairfax and other amazing candidates in Virginia, and we’re going to keep building progressive power right through Election Day. Can you pitch in $3 or more so we can shut down the racist Republicans in Virginia on November 7?

Thanks for supporting our work to elect progressives in Virginia and across the country.

– Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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